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Armageddon or Calvary: The Conscientious Objectors of New Zealand and "The Process of Their Conversion

Originally published 1919, by The Maoriland Worker Printing and Publishing Co. Ltd ..  More

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Godley: The Man Behind the Myth

A comprehensive biography of General Sir Alexander Godley, presenting for the first time a fair and balanced look at his time as commander of the New Zealand Expeditionary Force (NZEF) and II ANZAC Corps during World War I. While Godley is generally remembered as being a poor field commander, Terry Kinloch argues that he was in fact a capable one w..  More

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Going Into Support Tonight

Roy Haycock, a farmer, from Hope, near Nelson, joined up to fight in the First World War in January 1916, just ten weeks short of his 21st birthday.Sailing to England, via Egypt, with the 12th Reinforcements, he completed his training at Sling Camp on the Salisbury Plains, before joining his unit, the 12th Nelson Company 2nd Battalion Canterbury Re..  More

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History Matters: Teaching and learning history in New Zeland

History Matters reflects the dynamic nature of teaching and learning history in New Zealand secondary classrooms. It demonstrates not only the wealth of enthusiasm and expertise within the history teaching community,but also a commitment by teachers to developing a research literature on historical thinking that is ‘for teachers and by tea..  More

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Official War History of the Wellington Mounted Rifles Regiment 1914-1919

Originally published 1924, by Whitcombe and Tombs Limited ..  More

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Regimental History of New Zealand Cyclist Corps in The Great War 1914-1918

Originally published 1922, by Whitcombe & Tombs Limited ..  More

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Saints and Stirrers

Subtitle: Christianity, Conflict and Peacemaking in New Zealand, 1814–1945              New Zealanders, while generally peaceable and tolerant people, have seldom shied away from war. Even in the current era, Anzac Day is a major event here, and the haka performed by our national rugby team is one of our most..  More

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Sky Full of Stars

Sky Full of Stars is the culmination of a promise made to my granddaughter to create a book of letters from her great, great grandfather, Harold Musson. He wrote almost daily to his wife from the trenches of France during The Great War.Little did I know what that promise had in store for me, that I would become penpals with a man who was long dead...  More

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The Maoris in the Great War

Originally published 1926, by The Maori Regimental Committee ..  More

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The New Zealand Division 1916 - 1919: A Popular History based on Official Records

Originally published 1921, by Whitcombe and Tombs Limited ..  More

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The New Zealanders at Gallipoli

Originally published 1919, by Whitcombe and Tombs Limited..  More

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The New Zealanders in Sinai and Palestine

Originally published 1922, by Whitcombe and Tombs Limited ..  More

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The Samoa (N.Z.) Expeditionary Force 1914-1915

Originally published 1924, by Ferguson & Osborn, Limited ..  More

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The War Effort of New Zealand

Originally published 1923, by Whitcombe and Tombs Limited ..  More

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With the Cameliers in Palestine

Originally published 1938, by A. H. and A. W. Reed..  More

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With the Trench Mortars in France

Originally published 1924 ..  More

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