A St. John’s College Scholarship Boy

A St. John’s College Scholarship Boy

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A St. John’s College Scholarship Boy is the autobiography of a doctor who briefly lived and worked in the gold-mining towns of the Witwatersrand from 1931–33 and then, for 27 years, on two Copperbelt mining towns in Northern Rhodesia from 1933–61.
He writes about his work as a doctor in the time before antibiotics and with only a few vaccinations available, and with malaria as the major problem. Isolated in the Copperbelt from specialists, when he became Chief Medical officer of two mine hospitals, he had to do everything in emergencies and, by intensive reading of the British Medical Journal, used newly introduced surgery and procedures when his patients needed them.
Leisure times were spent in the unmodified forest beside the Kafue River, a tributary of the Zambesi.

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