Time Will Tell

Time Will Tell

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Have you ever thought, “I’ve often wondered why some people say and do the things they say and do?” Get ready to be informed, entertained, and enlightened.
We each live according to a number of influences: our genetic make-up, family culture, life experiences, world-views, interests, happy and unhappy circumstances, rigidity or our fluidity – the list goes on. 
Teaching Enneagram Workshops from her lived experience, Gabrielle Daly has now interlaced this story with the nine individual Enneagram characters. Each one is specific to an Enneagram Type and its influences, with all their talents, hopes, anxieties, dreams, fears, feelings, shames, thoughts, humour, spirituality, foibles and idiosyncrasies. 
There are many ‘schema’ of personality inventories, yet The Enneagram is such an organic instinct that it seems to surpass any other system of personality Typing. 
Utilising a writing-style the Author calls “inner voice” the characters have internal dialogues with themselves, about themselves and the people in their environs. The characters meet, talk, break up, reconsider, wonder, question, and make decisions. Follow their stories here, and don’t be surprised if their questions become your questions. Yet will their answers be your answers?
Allow yourself to be invited into the maze that is The Enneagram, and enjoy each character as they display and disturb, expose and conceal their outer and inner selves.

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