Your Soul is Wintering: Rediscovering joy after baby loss

Your Soul is Wintering: Rediscovering joy after baby loss

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After enduring the loss of two babies in utero, Annie Anderson felt heartbroken, directionless and alone in her grief. She wondered if she would ever experience joy again. Th e sense of loss experienced by Annie and her husband Rob was only compounded by the gaps within the healthcare system and the taboo nature 
(and misunderstandings) of grief and baby loss in our society. 
Despite her profound sadness, Annie has always had a strong sense that our lives are a precious gift , and that the hard seasons we experience can be invitations to unearth our inner strength. By venturing into the heart of her pain and opening herself to learning, these most challenging of experiences would ultimately propel her forward, stronger and wiser. Annie also discovered she had the power to articulate these lessons to others in a way that resonated deeply.
Weaving in inspirational quotes from the likes of Oprah Winfrey and Auschwitz survivor, Edith Eger, Your Soul is Wintering is an intelligent, uplifting and beautifully written memoir. It is an unflinching exploration into the heart of grief and a precious gift  for anyone who has experienced loss of any kind. Th is book is destined to become essential reading for anyone seeking to fi nd their joy again, whatever their story.

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