The Music of Life: Nursery Rhymes

The Music of Life: Nursery Rhymes

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Do you really favour one child?
The answer to that question can be Yes and NO
Yes, because just like personality clashes, you can have natural accords.
No, because a natural accord is not favouritism.
Many parents and teachers worry that they favour one of their children and most feel guilty about it. But having favourites is not only natural, it is unavoidable. By getting to know the natural personality of each of your children or students, you can come to understand what motivates their words and actions and so help ease natural clashes and relieve the guilt.
The book also answers questions like:
- Why do I clash with my teenager?
- Why can't I get this child to behave in class?
- Why can't my child make any friends?
- I treated all of my kids the same, so why does one of them have problems?

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