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Lessons From The Drought

Lessons From the Drought is a collection of poems that, while rooted in the universal experience of the pandemic, reflect the poet’s journey from isolation, loneliness and self-doubt to a kind of redemption in the small joys of the quotidian and the transformative powers of poetry.Art Nahill is a physician, educator, and writer based in Auckland. H..  More

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First published in 2005, Lifted won the 2006 Montana New Zealand Book Award for Poetry.‘Manhire shows not only his mature formal skills but his ability to look unflinchingly into the heart of things. He is a poet in which a sly sense of humour is coupled with a respect for whatever truths a poem can wring out of experience.’—Billy CollinsThese poem..  More

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 Amy is a store detective at Cutty’s, the oldest and grandest department store in the country. She’s good at her job. She can read people and catch them. But Cutty’s is closing down. Amy has a young baby, an ailing mother, and a large mortgage. She also has a past as an activist.This compelling novel opens in a police interview room, with Amy ..  More

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Lit: Stories from home

Sixteen short stories from home-grown literary heroes, established contemporary authors, and award-winning emerging writers are brought together in this new collection. Exploring identity, activism awareness, coming-of-age, society, and family from the Aotearoa New Zealand perspective. Includes:Foreword by Mandy Hager Baby Doll  by Gina C..  More

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In Liveability, Claire Orchard places us vividly in the lives, pasts, futures and homes of others: A young farmer obsessively photographs snowflakes in wintry Vermont. A pair of geckos named Romeo and Juliet live out their lives in an ice-cream container. A CPR manikin contemplates their resuscitator, Leonard Nimoy peers through the TV screen into ..  More

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Lohland (second edition)

Thirteen-year-old Kaie does fine at school and takes a lot of responsibility at home despite his parents’ fights and his brother and sister’s tantrums – until the school counsellor decides that he, too, has a personality disorder.  But Kaie’s parents are not prepared to allow their children to grow up on medications for being different. E..  More

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Loop Tracks

It’s 1978: the Auckland abortion clinic has been forced to close and sixteen-year-old Charlie has to fly to Sydney, but the plane is delayed on the tarmac. It’s 2019: Charlie’s tightly contained Wellington life with her grandson Tommy is interrupted by the unexpected intrusions of Tommy’s first girlfriend, Jenna, and the father he has never known, ..  More

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Lost Possessions

They have left me.The door is locked.The room is entirely bare.. . .Lost Possessions, a novella, was published in 1985, shortly before The Bone People won the Booker Prize.Keri Hulme (1947–2021) was born in Christchurch, of Kāi Tahu, Kāti Māmoe and Orkney ancestry on her mother’s side, and English on her father’s. She identified Moeraki on the Otag..  More

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Love in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction

 “The phrases range from details of an inner city Auckland skyline to desire to colloquialisms to the mechanics of sex, through to continental theory to myth to the perils of gendered embodiment and back to love, to wanting, missing, fullness and the mysteries of attachment. Everything is allowed in, and is kept under exquisite control. In thi..  More

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Loveable Rogue

Loosely based on my own life, we follow the life of Trent growing up in the Waikato.His family, friends, trials and tribulations are all here -- there's never a dull moment.A love story of unusual proportions entwines itself throughout two novels.The sequel OUTCAST is to follow...  More

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Luce Cannon

Will Christie’s poetry is fascinated by the power of language to inhabit and be inhabited. Christie questions her words as she uses them — tearing them apart or gathering them up, chasing them around or wilfully creating new ones — with an alert attention to what they contain and how they affect us. By turns playful and violent, cerebral and romant..  More

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Lucy Lavender and the Topiary City

'Well, it seems like a good idea Papa,' said Lucy hesitantly. 'But those are your dreams, they're not mine. I don't share your vision and I don't need any cut flowers!' 'But why not Lucy?' asked Yodel. 'Because,' she explained, 'we have been farmers for many years — this we know. But we d..  More

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Macpherson's Gully: A Tale of New Zealand Life

Originally published 1892, by Simpson & Williams ..  More

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Mad if Y' Do

It was past midnight, and I was only a few kilometres from my destination when I noticed flashing blue lights in my rear-view mirror…It’s the summer of 1980 and Sam, a charismatic young man of eighteen years, leaves New Zealand seeking adventure. A series of dramatic events unfold, trapping Sam on the South Coast of NSW.He meets and befriends expat..  More

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Make a Hard Fist

Lizzie Quinn receives an anonymous letter in the mail. Then she is attacked. She goes back to school scared of her own shadow.  A teacher she trusts finds a coach for a  self defence class. But the letters keep coming and she knows the threat is still very real. A psychological thriller that also empowers. 13+ fiction.  Fre..  More

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Malakim: Battle of the Outback

Mason is not happy with his life selling insurance, but it all changes when he discovers that he has paranormal powers and is visited by Gabriel, a sentient being. Mason is told that he and others like him with telekinetic powers are required to help fight off a pending invasion of aliens.Gabriel’s adversary is another sentient with an old feud tha..  More

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Man Alone

Originally published 1960, by Paul's Book Arcade Limited..  More

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Man Alone VUP Classic

Man Alone  is one of the foundation stones of New Zealand literature. Almost all copies of the first edition, published in England in 1939, were destroyed in the Blitz. When it was republished in New Zealand in 1949, after the author’s suicide in Cairo in 1945, the publisher Paul’s Book Arcade made a number of changes for unknown reasons. This..  More

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Maori and Settler: A Story of the New Zealand War

Originally published 1891, by Blackie & Son, Limited..  More

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Maoria: A Sketch of the Manners and Customs of the Aboriginal Inhabitants of New Zealand

Originally published 1874, by Chapman and Hall, 193, Piccadilly ..  More

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Mapping the Distance

This superb collection of poems shows the benefit of ten years gestation. The major part of the book consists of poems coming from years spent living and studying overseas and then settling back in New Zealand and starting a family. With its broad scope and variety of lyric styles, Mapping the Distance is a landmark book. Ingrid Horrocks is ..  More

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Marked Men

Marked Men tells the story of love between two men. The drama has a dream-like quality, that affirms the isolation and fragility of a human being, bordered by skin, who aches for connection in the embrace of another. David Lyndon Brown draws us into a world in which the interplay of radiance and darkness, joy and terror would be relentless if it we..  More

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Mary's Boy Jean-Jacques

In Mary Shelley’s 1818 novel, we last see Dr Frankenstein’s Creature shunned by human society and crossing the Arctic wasteland. What if he were rescued by an eccentric English expedition intent on sailing from pole to pole and back – only to be cast away again in a remote fiord in Aotearoa’s deep south?This intriguing speculation ignites the novel..  More

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Max Gate

It’s 1928 and the world’s most famous novelist, Thomas Hardy, is dying in the upstairs room of Max Gate, the house he built in his beloved Dorset. Downstairs, his high-powered literary friends are becoming locked in a bitter fight with local supporters. Who owns Hardy’s remains? Who knew the great man best? What are the secrets..  More

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