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Greta and Valdin

‘The modern world is too much for me. I feel like I’m George of the Jungle.’ —Greta'At the moment, for personal reasons, I don't like reading things about people being in love with each other.' —ValdinValdin is still in love with his ex-boyfriend Xabi, who used to drive around Auckland in a ute but now drives around Buenos Aires in one. Greta is in..  More

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Grif: A Story of Colonial Life

Originally published 1866, by William Hay ..  More

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Half My Life

Katy struggles with anxiety and compulsive behaviour disorders. She self-harms and is seeing a counsellor. When she starts dating it only increases her anxieties. Then her parents hear her Yiayia (grandmother) is ill in Greece and maybe dying. The family decide to visit. Reluctant at first Katy eventually decides to embrace the trip as a way to lea..  More

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Hauntings (Book One in the Wraiths and Strays series)

Best friends, Marcus and James, living in the quiet village of Boughton Chapel in Kent, unexpectedly find themselves redundant and out of work. Faced with a grim future of dole queues and dead-end jobs, they decide instead to set themselves up as paranormal investigators. Equipped with little more than enthusiasm and the variable support of their f..  More

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Head Girl

‘The first time I read Freya’s work I thought . . . uh oh. And then I thought, you have got to be kidding me. And then I thought, God fucking dammit. And then I walked around the house shaking my head thinking . . . OK – alright. And then – finally – I thought, well well well – like a smug policeman. Listen – she’s just the best. I’m going to say t..  More

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Head Over Heels

Rushing from one crisis to another, Penny Rushmore has a name to live up to, coping with a demanding job and still adapting to life without her husband Steve. The first set-back comes when she hears that the glamorous young woman Steve took off with is pregnant. According to Charlotte, Penny's daughter, Steve and Jacinta are head over heels ..  More

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Heart of Coal

Eighteen years have passed since the child Rose arrived on Denniston, riding up the terrifying Incline on a stormy night. She has now grown into a young woman, intelligent and talented, with an outrageous zest for life. The trauma of her early years seems forgotten, though some recognise its shadow in her often unconventional behaviour. Rose..  More

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Hedged with Divinities

Originally published 1889, by R. Coupland Harding ..  More

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Henry Ancrum: A Tale of the Last War in New Zealand, Volume 1

Originally published 1872, by Tinsley Brothers, 18, Catherine Street, Strand ..  More

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Henry Ancrum: A Tale of the Last War in New Zealand, Volume 2

Originally published 1872, by Tinsley Brothers, 18, Catherine Street, Strand ..  More

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Henry Morton's Pupil

Against the backdrop of London in the Swinging Sixties, Penelope Lloyd-Hargreaves, recently called to the Bar, serves her pupillage under the supervision of Henry Morton, the senior barrister at Forsythe Chambers. Defending a young man framed for murder, Penny and Morton find their case is part of something far larger and more complex, involvi..  More

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Hera Lindsay Bird

this impressive debut has established Hera Lindsay Bird as a good girl………with many beneficial thoughts and feelings………with themes as varied as snow and tears, the poems in this collection shine with the fantastic cream of who she is………juxtaposing many classical and modern breezesBird turns her prescient eye on love and loss, and what emerges is lik..  More

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Hine-Ra, or The Maori Scout: A Romance of the New Zealand War

Originally published 1887, by W. H. Williams..  More

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Hold the Line

Set in 1981 when New Zealand hosted the Springboks rugby team from apartheid South Africa. Protestor Beth's family loyalties and a love affair grow increasingly complicated as national anger and violence kick in. In this fast-paced novel, the nuances and tensions of the infamous 1981 Springbok Tour are laid bare...  More

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Holmwood, or, The New Zealand Settler: A Tale

Originally published 1868, by Griffith and Farran ..  More

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Home Theatre

Welcome to the Repertory Apartments—where scenes of tenderness and trouble, music and magic, the uncanny and the macabre play out on intimate stages.A mother and her young son battle an infestation of ants. A bass player is beset by equine hallucinations. A widow seeks a new home with a spare room for guests. A radio factory foreman intercepts quee..  More

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How I Get Ready

In her new poetry collection How I Get Ready, Ashleigh Young fails to learn to drive, vanishes from the fossil record, and finally finishes writing a book.Cover by Sam Duckor-JonesAshleigh Young is the author of the poetry collection Magnificent Moon (VUP, 2012), and the essay collection Can You Tolerate This? (VUP, 2016) which won a Windham-Campbe..  More

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Originally published 1889, by Wilsons and Horton..  More

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Hunters' Gold

HUNTERS’ GOLD is a Mainstream novel. 103,000 words.The words on the cover — an unexpected event can have the potential to alter the future — is the key to John and Sarah Garrett’s aspirations upon their arrival to New Zealand in the 1880’s. A gift of gold sovereigns allows them to realise their dreams for themselves and for future generations on th..  More

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This is a play within a play, which has been written in regard to children’s psychology in the Asian culture, especially in the Bengali society. The playwright has observed how children influence their friends and family and interact as playmates with each other in this drama production, which helps to realise their cognitive development and behavi..  More

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I Felt Like A Fight, Alright?

  “It’s so good that, before I’d even finished it, the 16-year-old had pinched it and was engrossed. I still haven’t got it back.” - Sonja de Friez, Nine to Noon reviewer on Radio NZ National. As front-woman for NZ band Minuit (minwee), Ruth Carr has always known the power of words – they are her ..  More

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I Got His Blood On Me

A bloodied figure travels through time, a stepfather kicks a ball and curses a snack machine, a cranky ghost brakes a Kāpiti train. From a reimagined history to a future where holograms walk the streets, these stories traverse time and genre to explore the frontiers that face the adventurous—now and in the past.  ‘Lawrence P..  More

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I Laugh Me Broken

Ginny is feeling lighter and heavier at the same time. She’s just learned from her cousin about a devastating genetic inheritance – but the revelation has brought a new logic to her mother’s death many years before, and to her mother’s love.Leaving her fiancé in the dark, Ginny flees to Germany to research a novel about the maverick sea captain Cou..  More

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I'm Working on a Building

Everything becomes clearer in reverse – because sometimes, things have to be taken apart to be understood. In the near future, an exact replica of the world's tallest tower, Dubai's Burj al Khalifa, is being built on New Zealand's West Coast. It's an exercise in economic stimulation and national confidence-building aft..  More

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