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Everything we Hoped for

Everything We Hoped For is an unusually strong first book, distinguished by an exquisitely crafted surface and barely contained emotional force. A young mother in shocked contemplation of her new baby and young women in rehab and jail feature in mostly short and oblique stories which echo and connect with cumulative power. A broad range of other..  More

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Excerpts from a Natural History

When the British natural philosophers of the 17th century founded modern natural history, they proposed finding a poet to compile a poetic account of everything that existed in nature, very broadly defined. Four hundred years later, the work is ongoing, made modern and rigorous with rules and style-guides, managers and research-poets.This collectio..  More

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Farmer Bill

New Zealand agriculture has seen huge changes in the period from the end of WWII to the 2000 Millennium. Mechanisation, new products, new plants and animals, and changing financial fortunes. Technical and management changes on farms and political and economic influences off it. Horses were replaced by tractors and trucks, haystacks by barns and bal..  More

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Feeding the Gods

Scott Hamilton’s second book of poetry takes us back to the strange yet strangely familiar territory he began to map in his acclaimed debut. In these poems the tyrannies of linear time, Cartesian logic, and geometric space are overthrown, so that a Japanese U boat surfaces in Kawhia Harbour, Hongi Hika attacks twenty-first century Auckland, Ulysses..  More

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Fishing for Māui

A novel about food, whānau and mental illness.Valerie reads George Eliot to get to sleep – just to take her mind off worries over her patients, her children, their father and the next family dinner. Elena is so obsessed with health, traditional food, her pregnancy and her blog she doesn’t notice that her partner, Malcolm the ethicist, is getti..  More

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Fleur Adcock: Collected Poems (Expanded Edition)

This expanded edition of Fleur Adcock’s Collected Poems, first published in hardback in 2019, includes her latest collection The Mermaid's Purse, and twenty new poems. It is published simultaneously with Bloodaxe Books (UK) on the occasion of Fleur Adcock’s 90th birthday on 10 February 2024.Adcock writes about men and women, childhood, identity, ro..  More

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Follow the Call

Originally published 1936, by A. H. and A. W. Reed..  More

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For Everyone Concerned and other stories

This exhilarating mixture of fables, satires, notes to self and short shorts will further enhance Wilkins’s reputation as one of the most daring and innovative of New Zealand’s leading writers. Praise for For Everyone Concerned Book of the Week This is a masterful collection. No matter how short, light or ephemeral each st..  More

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For Father's Sake, or A Tale of New Zealand Life

Originally published 1897, by Brown, Thomson & Co., Printers..  More

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Forward Pass

Joe Pearce has big boots to fill. His dad Kevin is a Lower Hutt rugby hero and a father he can readily admire. But life has a way of exposing our weaknesses; when Kevin reaches his limits, Joe steps up – both on and off the field – to become a man his dad can be proud of. This novel of rugby, family and the Stokes Valley communit..  More

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Fourteen Stones

Fourteen Stones is a richly layered, character-driven fantasy. The tribal people called the Pala Vaia, “First and Lost Ones,” have lived in Lassar since ancient times and coexisted with the Lasska people, but they have always been wanderers, seemingly out of place wherever they are. Now Lassar’s fanatical new ruler, Impera Shurik, wants to destroy ..  More

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Frank Leward: Memorials

Originally published 1884, by Kegan Paul, Trench, & Co...  More

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Frank Melton's Luck, Or, Off to New Zealand

Originally published , by H. Brett ..  More

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Free Fall

Rogelio Guedea is a Mexican poet, essayist, and novelist currently residing in New Zealand. His book Driving a Trailer Truck (Random House Mondadori, 2008). was awarded the Silverio Cañada Prize 2009 granted to the best Spanish novel published in 2008. He is a columnist for the Mexican newspapers Ecos de la Costa and La Jornada Semanal and currentl..  More

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Fresh Ink 2019

A Collection of Voices from Aotearoa New Zealand 2019 An anthology of New Zealand fiction, poetry and artwork presenting the varied voices and styles of New Zealand writing at its best.Established and award-winning authors as well as some lively ‘fresh ink’ from previous unpublished voices. The second in this popular series. ..  More

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Fresh Ink 2021

Established and award-winning authors sit alongside some lively ‘fresh ink’ from previously-unpublished voices. The third in this popular series, fresh ink 2021 is an exciting anthology presenting new work from a diverse group of New Zealand writers, poets and artists as they reflect upon the Covid-19 pandemic. The collection has been collated by T..  More

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Full Time

In Stokes Valley and the Hutt, Kevin Pearce's rugby achievements are legendary. Now in his forties and living in London, Kevin's son Joe still treasures the memories of the rugby, family and life experiences he shared with his dad.Returning for a visit to his ailing father, now afflicted with Alzheimer's, Joe searches for his childhood friend, the ..  More

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Don’t ask me to speak for the nations, we shiftthe hate with the light from our fascinatorsA queer / takatāpui Māori writer living in Berlin, Germany since 2015, Hinemoana Baker brings a unique perspective both to and from the ‘global North’. Drawing on the German meaning of the word ‘funken’ – to send a radio signal – her latest collection broadca..  More

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Further Conviction Pending: Poems 1998-2008

Further Convictions Pending is the definitive collection of Vincent O’Sullivan’s celebrated poetry of the last decade. Forty or so poems from each of four previous volumes are gathered here with forty-two new poems, displaying the wit, intellectual agility and arresting beauty for which O’Sullivan is renowned.Praise for Further Convictions PendingT..  More

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Gang Girl

The Gang stole her childhood.She won’t let them claim the rest of her life.New Zealand, 1970. Born into the gang, Alicia longs to escape the misery of her childhood. The daughter of a notorious gang leader, her dream of freedom falls apart when she’s pledged in blood to her cousin Mickey.Happiness seems further away than ever once Mickey grows into..  More

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Geyser in the Creek

A comic novel about the sudden appearance of a geyser in a Bay of Plenty village, the tsunami of tourists and bureaucratic and private entrepreneurs out to exploit the attraction. The retired postmaster, stationmaster and storekeeper lead the local fight to preserve a quiet life disrupted a generation ago in the prequel 'Gold in the Cre..  More

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One day in 1955 the ‘father of New Zealand fiction’ finds a young woman on his doorstep. A writer herself, she has recently emerged from a lengthy spell in hospital and is looking for somewhere safe to live and write. Somewhat to his own surprise, not to mention discomfort, he takes her in. What happens behind that high Takapuna hedg..  More

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Gold in the Creek: a Dinkum Kiwi Farce

Gold is discovered in the rural backwater of Kotuku, recently monstered by government cutbacks. The ex-postmaster has been trying to unite villagers and retirement condo snobs to save the last vestige of village life, the bowling club. Now they have no choice but to combine forces against an influx of gold-seeking riff-raff. The NZ List..  More

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Goliath and the Gang

Aaron was just five years old when they took his mother away …Raised by his aunt after losing his mother, he’s bullied by his uncle and tormented by his loathsome cousins. His dream of making something of his life, of becoming an entrepreneur like his late father, rapidly disappears in the wake of his miserable childhood.The sudden appearance of a ..  More

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