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Brian “Bad” Phelan, New Zealander and bomb disposal expert, likes to live dangerously. While on vacation on the French/Italian border in 2001, he helps to bring a body out of a rocky, wave-swept cove. The dead woman bears striking similarities to a young woman he met years ago, under mysterious circumstances, shortly before she disap..  More

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The story starts with the death of Constable Garrett... and continues with his resurrection as  a  conscious  cyborg  initially  controlled  by   Spencer   Langley   aged   13,   inventor,   entrepreneur and car thief. Things get even more  complicated&nb..  More

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Dear Neil Roberts

It is November 18, 1982. Neil Ian Roberts is 22 years old. He walks up to the Police Computer Centre in Whanganui, at 12.35am. Who was Neil Roberts? This is the search for the story of a quiet young man, an anarchist, a figure who moves differently, or vanishes altogether, in different versions of history. How are such people rem..  More

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Death of an Agent

Easter 1965: the fiery start to protests against New Zealand troops in Vietnam. Ru Patterson, the country’s leading broadcaster, is organizing protests against President Johnson’s envoy Henry Cabot Lodge, in Wellington to pressure New Zealand to send troops to Vietnam. Dan Delaney is first on the scene of a young naked woman dead in a hot tub and R..  More

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Deleted Scenes for Lovers

The knowledge of everyone they’re about to hurt is not an element easy to breathe in. They’re the lovers. You can blame them now, if you want to. That’s your choice: this is the director’s cut."Seventeen powerful stories of contemporary New Zealand life from a writer whose penetrating gaze reveals the full experience of her characters' lives—tragic..  More

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Devil's Trumpet

When the stars were rhinestones. When your car was a blue Holden god. When kisses spread to your back teeth, marathons of sucking. When we pashed through jokes, through tunes, through homework, through the leftovers we shovelled out our schoolbags. When you let me tattoo you with talk. Thirty-one exhilarating new stories from the acclaimed aut..  More

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Dick Seddon's Great Dive and other stories

First published as a special issue of Robin Dudding’s literary magazine Islands (Vol. 5, No. 2, Winter 1976), Dick Seddon’s Great Dive won the 1977 New Zealand Book Award for Fiction, and was republished in The Shirt Factory and other stories by VUP in 1981.Dick Seddon’s Great Dive traces the story of a love affair through 1970s New Zealand counter..  More

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Dirty Work

With its stink of life, its compassion and vitality, its vivid gallery of rogues, hoons, dreamers and eccentrics, Dirty Work deserves to be read. DOMINION 1987This is an excellent book… Nigel Cox writes simply and directly, with compassion and humour. Dirty Work can take its place on any bookshelf of good contemporary New Zealand fiction.OTAGO DAIL..  More

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Distant Homes; or the Graham Family in New Zealand

Originally published 1862, by Griffith and Farran..  More

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DJar (second edition): part one of Of a Note in a Cosmic Song

A new planet.A new life.A one-way trip.The colonists of DJar, all seeking a better future, each with their own past, and their own beliefs about right and wrong, try everything they can to create a new government and a new culture they can all be happy with.To stay, and die at sixty-five, or to go on a dangerous one-way journey through space?But wh..  More

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Dream Girl

Alice wants a heart-shaped bed. Mary, Genevieve and Angelica want to know the future. June says she wants Lena to rescue her from a rat, but really she wants Lena to make out with her. Eve wants to get Wallace alone at the strawberry farm. Olivia just wants to leave the haunted boarding school and go home.Bittersweet and intimate, comic and gothic,..  More

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Dwellers on the Threshold (Book Three of Wraiths and Strays)

Returning to Kent after filming a paranormal documentary at an ancient estate in Wales, the WASP team members try to resume their normal lives, but they soon become aware that something has changed. Dianna, the team’s psychic, suspects that they have brought back more than just a supernatural experience, and it is affecting them all in profoundly d..  More

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Echidna is a dangerous animal; she pokes holes in men just to remind them what kind of monster she is wakes up every single  morning and chooses violence cos what choice does she really have?essa may ranapiri's second poetry collection follows the story of Echidna, their own interpretation of the Greek Mother of Monsters, as she tries to figur..  More

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Either Side the Horizon

In Stephen’s work to date, he has never relented in his attacks. His satirical work, of which there is a fair representation in Either Side The Horizon, lampoons not so much political figures as their methods and the institutional hypocrisy they have inherited. His favourite targets are those who say one thing while doing another, be they oil lords..  More

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Emily Bathurst; or, at Home and Abroad

Originally published 1847, by B. Wertheim..  More

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In the third volume of his REM trilogy, after the urban inferno of Nights with Giordano Bruno (2000) and the purgatorial stasis of The Imaginary Museum of Atlantis (2006), Jack Ross explores the closest thing to a paradise his cast of crazies can conceive of, let alone aspire to.Ross is a lapidarian scholar, fluent in half a dozen languages, but he..  More

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Empty Bones

Empty Bones is weightlifting, infidelity, drunk driving, facelifts and childbirth – it’s a family and their weekend reunion. It is Lisbon to Madrid on the night train and Auckland to Wellington on a motorbike. It is the end, the beginning and the gristly in between. Empty Bones is a novella accompanied by five equally raw, intens..  More

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Ena, or, The Ancient Maori

Originally published 1874, by Smith, Elder and Co. ..  More

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Direen’s latest novel Enclosures is infused with restlessness: its interlocking stories move between France, Iraq, Wellington, and some of the wilder sections of the New Zealand coast. Like Direen’s 2006 novel Song of the Brakeman, which was full of frightening allusions to Guantanamo Bay, Enclosures is unified by the theme of imprisonment. Its cha..  More

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Several years after a global meltdown, New Zealand, along with the rest of the world, is still in chaos. No electricity, no broadband, and people are in survival mode.Ruth has always led a sheltered life and now she is managing a simple, self-sufficient lifestyle. But her sister is dying from tuberculosis and she undertakes a perilous journey to fi..  More

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Erewhon: or Over the Range

Originally published 1921, by Jonathan Cape..  More

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Escape Path Lighting

A drunken poet obliged to choose between Art and Love. What could possibly go wrong?Rock Oyster Island. It’s a slack kind of place, but that’s the way the locals like it: lifestyle farmers, pensioned-off bikers, seekers and healers, meth cooks and fishing guides. It’s only a ferry ride to the city but the modern world feels blessedly remote. Workin..  More

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Everything is Possible to Will

Originally published 1882, by ..  More

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