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Sport 39: New Zealand New Writing 2011

The latest issue of New Zealand’s leading magazine of new writing, featuring the winners of the Long and the Short of It competition for The Best Story Over 10,000 Words – Lawrence Patchett ‘The Road to Tokomairiro’ – and The Best Story Under 1000 Words – Kirsten McDougall ‘Clean Hands Save Lives’...  More

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Sport 40: New Zealand New Writing 2012

Sport is the place to discover the best new New Zealand writers. Each annual issue is a superb snapshot of the cutting edge of New Zealand’s literary scene, and Sport 40 is no exception, offering 300 pages of fiction, poetry and essays. In honour of New Zealand’s turn as country of honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2012, this iss..  More

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Sport 41: New Zealand New Writing 2013

Fifty-seven writers, from Pip Adam to Ashleigh Young, two-thirds fiction by page count and three-quarters poetry by writer, and the focus firmly on emerging talent, Sport 41 is a superb overview of current New Zealand writing. ..  More

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Sport 43: New Zealand New Writing 2015

Packed with new essays, poetry and fiction from leading and new New Zealand writers, Sport 43 is a superb overview of current New Zealand writing. Edited by Fergus Barrowman with Kirsten McDougall and Ashleigh Young and published by Fergus Barrowman. Essays Jane Blaikie Ingrid Horrocks Kirsten McDougall Maria Mc..  More

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Sport 44: New Zealand New Writing 2016

Packed with new essays, poetry and fiction from 56 leading and new New Zealand writers, Sport 44 is an essential overview of current New Zealand writing.Essays, Nick Bollinger, Helena Wiśniewska Brow, Emma Gilkison, Elizabeth & Sara Knox, Catherine Robertson, John Summers, Giovanni Tiso, Chris TseFiction, Pip Adam, Francis Cooke, Kate Duignan, ..  More

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Sport 45: New Zealand New Writing 2017

SPORT 45 is edited by Fergus Barrowman, Kirsten McDougall and Ashleigh Young with assistance from Holly Hunter.This issue includes:'Moulin d’Ornes', a novella by new writer Nicole Phillipson.Poet John Gallas interviewed by Bill Manhire.'Stridently Sex-Conscious’: Writing and Gender (and Mountaineering) c. 1928', a chapter from John Newton’s forthco..  More

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Sport 46: New Zealand New Writing 2018

‘Do you realise that you were swaying . . . ?’ Bill Manhire interviewed by Anna Smaill, plus six poems‘My Ten Guitars’, a comic by Barry Linton, with a note by Tim BollingerEssays by:Pip AdamGeoff CochraneLynn DavidsonLynn JennerDean ParkerGiovanni TisoRose LuFiction by:Antonia BaleAirini BeautraisZoë HigginsAnthony LapwoodEamonn MarraHannah Mettne..  More

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Sport 47: New Zealand New Writing 2019

Edited by Tayi Tibble, with Fergus Barrowman, Kirsten McDougall and Ashleigh Young.A Wānanga with Patricia Grace and Anahera Gildea Plus new fiction, poetry and essays byAimee-Jane Anderson-O’ConnorHana Pera AoakeTusiata AviaAirini BeautraisZarah Butcher-McGunnigleVanessa CrofskeyAlayne DickSam Duckor JonesAnahera GildeaEliana GrayIsabel Haarh..  More

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Sprung from the Heart

A free not-for-profit anthology of poetry that shares the emotions of people struggling with problems such as bullying, eating disorders, anxiety, guilt and fear — emotions that are too often dismissed. It is a message from the heart. ..  More

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Tales of the Waihorotiu

The Waihorotiu Stream ‘Queen Street River’ used to run down the centre of Auckland’s main road before it was first turned into a canal, and then later diverted into a sewer, where it now flows beneath Queen Street.The Tales of the Waihorotiu tell the story of another Auckland, one that lives beside and underneath capital investment and economic gro..  More

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Te Ata Kura: The Red-Tipped Dawn

In this new collection of poetry, Apirana Taylor leads the reader through local landscapes, introducing contemporary and historical figures whose lives have touched his own. He also goes beyond Aotearoa’s shores to comment on issues of our wider world and society. His themes are universal – the brevity of life, the fragility of nature, the chaos o..  More

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The Best of the Best New Zealand Poems

  Since 2000, the online anthology Best New Zealand Poems has showcased the most exciting and memorable poetry produced in this country. Here, for the first time, is a selection of this work in book form. Edited by founding publisher Bill Manhire, and writer Damien Wilkins, this anthology is an indispensable guide to the richness, stran..  More

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The Collected Poems of Ursula Bethell

Bethell stands with R.A.K Mason at the beginnings of modern poetry in New Zealand. Born in England, she grew up in New Zealand but did not live there until the 1920's when at the age of fifty she began to write poetry. ..  More

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The Lustre Jug

In 2007 Bernadette Hall spent six months in Ireland, not far from Blarney, on the Rathcoola Fellowship. The poems in this collection arise from that experience. With light-heartedness and daring, they track between dualities: the North and the South in Ireland; the rain-washed skies of Donoughmore, Co. Cork and the Queensland rainforest. Bet..  More

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The Mirror of Simple Annihilated Souls

  Shortlisted for the 2011 New Zealand Book Award for Poetry The first Mirror of Simple Annihilated Souls caused its author to be burnt at the stake for heresy in 1310. Kate Camp’s fourth collection of poems demonstrates a darker turn in the work of this popular poet. Shortlisted for the Kathleen Grattan Poetry Award, it estab..  More

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The Moonmen

The follow-up to Anna Livesey’s acclaimed 2003 debut collection Good Luck, The Moonmen contains poems that capture the eerie and exhilarating edges of daily life, poems which draw on her experience of the American Midwest, and poems responding to her mother’s illness. These poems combine a crisp and shapely style with breathtaking op..  More

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The Odour of Sanctity

In 1998, Jeff Mangum of Neutral Milk Hotel released an album called In the Aeroplane Over the Sea. By 2000 he seemed to have disappeared. About 150 years earlier, Christina Rossetti posed as the Virgin Mary experiencing the annunciation for five days straight, while her brother, Gabriel, painted. Nearly four centuries before that, Marger..  More

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The Vertical Harp: selected poems of Li He

Medieval Chinese poet Li He lived in the last brief flowering of the T’ang dynasty from 790-816, his evocations of the heavenly and the netherworlds are unique, possibly in the whole of the Chinese canon, and are the source of his honorific title, ‘the demon talented one’. Working from this fertile source, Mike Johnson has produced a collection of ..  More

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The Victims of Lightning

Bill Manhire’s first new book since Lifted shows him building on the themes and expanding the techniques of that prize-winning collection. Here are finely crafted lyrics, found poems, and even a bracket of songs. The Victims of Lightning is Bill Manhire at the height of his powers. Praise for Lifted: ‘Manhire shows not only his m..  More

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The VUP Home Reader

The VUP Home Reader is everything we’re working on at the moment—extracts of books which were published in February and March, books which are in the warehouse or on the water, final proofs and uncorrected proofs, manuscripts and work-in-progress—stretching into 2021. We offer it as company, as entertainment, as a promise.Stay safe and well.Stay ho..  More

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Time and Place

Originally published 1936, by The Caxton Press ..  More

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To the Moon, In Seven Easy Steps

Scott Hamilton’s first book of poetry inhabits the twilight zone between fact and fantasy, prose and poetry. For Hamilton, writing is a game, a joke, a puzzle, a protest, and a quest - sometimes all at the same time.Scott Hamilton’s heroes, like W.H. Auden’s ‘helmeted airman’, are forever setting out on some doomed quest...Scott delves into the myt..  More

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Walking Home

Hold your own handwith your own handHold itSee how confidenthow knowing it feelshow held it feelsIt will cross the roadwith youIt will be your older brothersister it will be your parent your loverIt says I’ve got yourelax nowWalking Home gathers together some of the last poems written by Michele Amas. These are poems of tenacity and courage, and of..  More

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Writers in Residence and other captive fauna

Ted Jenner is a poet, translator, and classical scholar who was born and bred in Dunedin. He has spent the last forty years living in Africa, Europe, and the northern parts of Aotearoa, publishing his work in a variety of literary journals. Writers in Residence is a compilation of most of Jenner’s short fiction and prose poetry written in the last ..  More

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