Portents from Beyond the Edge

Portents from Beyond the Edge

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Following the devastating earthquakes of 2010 and 2011, poet-shaman Kevin Moran leaves Christchurch in search of new beginnings. As he travels he writes a series of 151 small poems and a travel journal. Extracts from the journal are included in the book.
The poems speak of the natural world, the path of Self-realisation and the way of Aroha (love) where strangers meet and become friends. As Kevin travels it’s the Self who teaches, inspires and heals through encounters with the Sacred Feminine, the Green Man and the Universal Heart.
Many of the poems are wisdom sayings received on the edge of sleep. They are ‘portents (or omens) from beyond the edge’. While part of a ‘personal exodus’, they sound universal themes, especially the theme of transformation. In a world that has lost its bearings Portents from Beyond the Edge stands tall to bear witness to the Real.

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