Killer Rack, by Sylvan Spring

New Killer Rack, by Sylvan Spring (Fiction)

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In their generous and often euphoric first book, Sylvan Spring is constantly and irresistibly in motion. 

These are poems for the sad bitches, the silly billys, the divine transsexuals, the girls who were first to get piercings not in their ears, the ones who dream of dissolving into a river, the Cocteau Twins obsessives, the average bros, the immaculate twinks, the retired popstars turned chicken farmers, and fans of 2001 masterpiece Charlie's Angels.

'a wonderful blend of silly and seriously astute, making it a must read for lovers of both sexy and unabashedly honest poetry.' —Jo Bragg, Bad Apple

'Curious, generous, effervescent, electric . . . A beautiful book.' —Melissa Oliver, RNZ

‘Exploding in Queer joy, this beautiful, visceral experience of a book is precise and magnificent in its craft, expansive and affecting in its content, somehow intimate and communal in the same breath, wild and compassionate. I fucking love this book and weep with gratitude and excitement every time I remember it’s in the world.’ —Pip Adam, author of Audition and Nothing to See

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