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A Lack of Good Sons

I am seconds away from everything.I am the bullseye of the world.A Lack of Good Sons is a book of poetry that carries us through many realms – Greek myth, the Bible, dream, and the earthly world, with all its beauty and violence. An eclectic range of speakers, from deities to inanimate objects, describe encounters and turning points in their lives...  More

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Andrew Johnston: Selected Poems

This Selected Poems presents the best of Andrew Johnston’s five published collections, from How to Talk (1993) to Fits & Starts (2016).‘Andrew Johnson does the best titles. And then he puts the best poems underneath them.’ —Bill Manhire‘Andrew Johnston’s first collection, How to Talk, is a book of such invention, poise, and deceptive simplicity..  More

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Another Beautiful Day Indoors

Out on the pleasure pier on that benign afternoon,the air heavy with the blossom of vinegar and old tyres,you asked what was the closest I had come to death. Another Beautiful Day Indoors is more likely to end with a dark flood than a beautiful sundown. As these poems grapple with climate catastrophe, precarious labour, and love, they draw on ..  More

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Aphrodite Rising and Other Poems

Poetry drawing upon mythological and everyday themes ..  More

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As the trees have grown

The poems in Stephanie de Montalk’s new collection engage with the world as if through a window – cloaked, distanced, and guided by the movements of the seasons, the weather, and always, trees. As de Montalk seeks a cure to the life-changing limitations of her physical self, she finds something close to solace in dreaming.These poems are always evo..  More

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bad appendix

Jen Crawford’s bad appendix may be the most daring book of poetry published anywhere this year. Crawford often writes about everyday, apparently uncomplicated subjects - a walk down the road, a kiss, a patch of grass with sun on it - but her language is dense and mysterious. Reading bad appendix is like walking through a formal garden that gradual..  More

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Beyond the Ohlala Mountains: Poems 1968-2002

Alan Brunton played a crucial role in developing a platform for New Zealand poetry and theatre. Brunton was the founding editor of poetry and arts publication Freed and co-editor of Spleen, he also established with partner Sally Rodwell the experimental theatre group Red Mole. Beyond the Ohlala Mountains moves chronologically, in five parts, from ..  More

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In her second, spine-cracking collection, Jane Arthur wants ‘to get morbid’. Moving with ease between the cerebral and the ethereal she measures her anxieties against a cosmic canvas – taking in everything from meteorites and distant planets to pomanders and cat’s ears. Whether contemplating time, regret, or the end of the world, these poems don’t ..  More

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Carbon Shapes and Dark Matter

 Adventurous, curious and moving, Christie's work braves abstraction and socio-political insights.After Luce Cannon (Titus Books, 2007) and The Facts of Light (Vagabond Press, 2014), Carbon Shapes and Dark Matter is Christie's third collection of poetry.Time after time lines come into focus, excoriating and yet lyrically beautiful. — Jack Ross..  More

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Collected Poems

Hirohito’ — ‘Phar Lap’ — ‘The Naked Horse’ — all Bill Manhire’s greatest hits in one gorgeous volume!In recent years, Bill Manhire has become one of the most popular and widely-read poets in New Zealand. From magical tales of adventure to witty portraits of national icons to tender love poems, Bill Manhire’s work has something for everyone.This big..  More

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Conversation with a Stone

A former freezing worker, factory worker, and lineman, Richard Taylor was raised in Panmure, Auckland, where he still lives. He was involved in the protest movements of the ‘60s and ‘70s, and was bashed by police at the anti-apartheid protest at Eden Park in 1981. Taylor’s poems combine a love of language and learning with an earthy working class h..  More

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‘She seems to me a poet of scale and embodiment. Her moments are informed by awe and intelligence – quick and seamless. They don’t have to try so hard. I felt novels and films in these poems. I thought: this is a poet of capacity.’— Eileen MylesCraven is an exceptional debut: Jane Arthur delights, unnerves and challenges in poems that circle both t..  More

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Day and Night

Originally published 1939, by The Caxton Press ..  More

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Dear Neil Roberts

It is November 18, 1982. Neil Ian Roberts is 22 years old. He walks up to the Police Computer Centre in Whanganui, at 12.35am. Who was Neil Roberts? This is the search for the story of a quiet young man, an anarchist, a figure who moves differently, or vanishes altogether, in different versions of history. How are such people rem..  More

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Echidna is a dangerous animal; she pokes holes in men just to remind them what kind of monster she is wakes up every single  morning and chooses violence cos what choice does she really have?essa may ranapiri's second poetry collection follows the story of Echidna, their own interpretation of the Greek Mother of Monsters, as she tries to figur..  More

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Either Side the Horizon

In Stephen’s work to date, he has never relented in his attacks. His satirical work, of which there is a fair representation in Either Side The Horizon, lampoons not so much political figures as their methods and the institutional hypocrisy they have inherited. His favourite targets are those who say one thing while doing another, be they oil lords..  More

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Excerpts from a Natural History

When the British natural philosophers of the 17th century founded modern natural history, they proposed finding a poet to compile a poetic account of everything that existed in nature, very broadly defined. Four hundred years later, the work is ongoing, made modern and rigorous with rules and style-guides, managers and research-poets.This collectio..  More

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Feeding the Gods

Scott Hamilton’s second book of poetry takes us back to the strange yet strangely familiar territory he began to map in his acclaimed debut. In these poems the tyrannies of linear time, Cartesian logic, and geometric space are overthrown, so that a Japanese U boat surfaces in Kawhia Harbour, Hongi Hika attacks twenty-first century Auckland, Ulysses..  More

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Fleur Adcock: Collected Poems (Expanded Edition) New

Fleur Adcock: Collected Poems (Expanded Edition)

This expanded edition of Fleur Adcock’s Collected Poems, first published in hardback in 2019, includes her latest collection The Mermaid's Purse, and twenty new poems. It is published simultaneously with Bloodaxe Books (UK) on the occasion of Fleur Adcock’s 90th birthday on 10 February 2024.Adcock writes about men and women, childhood, identity, ro..  More

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Free Fall

Rogelio Guedea is a Mexican poet, essayist, and novelist currently residing in New Zealand. His book Driving a Trailer Truck (Random House Mondadori, 2008). was awarded the Silverio Cañada Prize 2009 granted to the best Spanish novel published in 2008. He is a columnist for the Mexican newspapers Ecos de la Costa and La Jornada Semanal and currentl..  More

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Fresh Ink 2019

A Collection of Voices from Aotearoa New Zealand 2019 An anthology of New Zealand fiction, poetry and artwork presenting the varied voices and styles of New Zealand writing at its best.Established and award-winning authors as well as some lively ‘fresh ink’ from previous unpublished voices. The second in this popular series. ..  More

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From a Garden in the Antipodes

Originally published 1929, by Sidgwick & Jackson Ltd. ..  More

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Don’t ask me to speak for the nations, we shiftthe hate with the light from our fascinatorsA queer / takatāpui Māori writer living in Berlin, Germany since 2015, Hinemoana Baker brings a unique perspective both to and from the ‘global North’. Drawing on the German meaning of the word ‘funken’ – to send a radio signal – her latest collection broadca..  More

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Further Conviction Pending: Poems 1998-2008

Further Convictions Pending is the definitive collection of Vincent O’Sullivan’s celebrated poetry of the last decade. Forty or so poems from each of four previous volumes are gathered here with forty-two new poems, displaying the wit, intellectual agility and arresting beauty for which O’Sullivan is renowned.Praise for Further Convictions PendingT..  More

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