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Best Playwriting Book Ever

Best Playwriting Book Ever is a practical manual for novice and experienced playwrights – anyone who aspires to bring stories to the stage.  Roger Hall is a New Zealand theatre icon, the author of over thirty plays for adults and children, a dozen musicals and pantomimes, and numerous screenplays. In this book he shares tips and t..  More

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Cherish is the tale of two couples—Jess and Maeve, William and Tom—and the children they share. What happens when good intentions run up against the hard realities of human need? ..  More

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Daughters of Heaven

On June 22, 1954 in a secluded part of Victoria Park in Christchurch, Julirt Hulme and Pauline Parker battered Pauline's mother to death. The infamous murder, also depicted in the Peter Jackson movie Heavenly Creatures, arose from the passionate friendship of the two girls. ..  More

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Set in 1916 and the present, EUGENIA tells the story of Eugenia Martelli, an Italian immigrant at the beginning of the century, who lives as a man and marries a woman without revealing her true gender. Eugenia is a charmer, a con artist, a womaniser and an outsider, who lives life on a dangerous edge. Eugenia is arrested - but is she a cold-bloo..  More

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Fifty Fifty

George, 54, cannot understand why his wife left him. She offered him no real explanation and in his terms he has always treated her decently. The play looks at the problems of redundancy and unemployment, and by the end we may more fully understand the wife's decision. ..  More

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Foreskin's Lament

One of the most successful and well-known New Zealand plays is also compelling reading on the page. The power, humour and irony of the language all serve to illustrate a penetrating analysis of New Zealand socirty, as seen through the lens of sport. ..  More

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Hot Water

Roger Hall's great gift for creating a setting in which a diverse group of characters are drawn together is rarely better displayed than in this play. Irresistibly funny and satrirical. ..  More

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This is a play within a play, which has been written in regard to children’s psychology in the Asian culture, especially in the Bengali society. The playwright has observed how children influence their friends and family and interact as playmates with each other in this drama production, which helps to realise their cognitive development and behavi..  More

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Jeannie Once

The third play in the trilogy that began with Wednesday to Come and Pass It On. ..  More

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Lovelock's Dream Run

This play sets the well-known events of Jack Lovelock's Berlin Olympics in parallel with a conservative boarding school in New Zealand today. ..  More

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Middle Age Spread

As Ian Fraser wrote in his original review of this play at the Circa Theatre in the 70's "Hall has not abandoned the conviction, inherent in Glide Time, that the short, grey dusk of the middle-class soul is the province of comedy rather than the stuff of tragedy." ..  More

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Monologues from NZ Plays - Female

These monologues selected from New Zealand plays provide over 100 choices for audition and performance. Suited to both students of drama and practitioners, each selection is complete with a short commentary on the play, the character, and indexed by author, title, character age, and ethnicity. ..  More

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Monologues from NZ Plays - Male

These monologues selected from New Zealand plays provide over 100 choices for audition and performance. Suited to both students of drama and practitioners, each selection is complete with a short commentary on the play, the character, and indexed by author, title, character age, and ethnicity. ..  More

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Nga Tangata Toa

Set on a marae on the East Coast in 1919 when a war weary soldier, Taneatua, returns from Europe a hero. A powerfully dramatic play of family secrest, confrontation and revenge. ..  More

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Ngā Whakamāoritanga

Ngā WhakamāoritangaNā Brian FrielNā Hēmi Kelly i whakamāoriKei tētahi wharekura i te papakāinga o Baile Beag, i tētahi hapori kōrero Airihi i te whaitua o Tonekāra i te pito o te marama o Ākuhata, i te tau 1833, ngā mahi o te whakaari nei. E hopuni mai ana i tētahi pārae tūtata tētahi wāhanga o te Kāhui Kaipūkaha a te Kīngi kātahi anō ka tae mai, ā..  More

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Pass It On

The middle play in the trilogy begun by Wednesday to Come and set amongst the Waterfront Lockout of the 1950's. ..  More

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Performing Dramaturgy

Fiona Graham’s Performing Dramaturgy is the first in-depth study on New Zealand dramaturgy. As specialists who provide critical feedback to performance makers, dramaturges are powerful agents of artistic change. Published by Playmarket, New Zealand’s national playwright agency and script advisory service, Performing Dramaturgy is a catalyst work th..  More

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The Japanese Military Field Code was explicit: 'Japanese forces do not surrender to the enemy under any circumstances.' How then would the eight hundred or so prisoners who found themselves in the first Japanese prisoner-of-war camp anywhere in the world behave? They had been brought from the Soloman Islands to Featherstone in 1942. Six ..  More

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State of the Play

Peter Dingwall, a once successful playwright, is running a weekend course on the art of writing plays. Five - the minimum number for a course - aspiring playwrights gather with varying degrees of enthusiasm and expectation for his class in this little country town. Clare, a housewife, ambitious for social as much as artistic reason; Brian, the w..  More

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The Battalion

A moving story about friendship, loyalty, madness and redemption – seen through the eyes of Paora Matene, a war veteran, and relayed to his wayward charges Rimini and George.Sent back to their Whanau in the “one cow town” of Tamariri, Rimini and George aren’t interested in any of the locals or their family history – they just want to get back to th..  More

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The End of the Golden Weather

  In 1959, unable to earn a living as a playwright in a country without a professional theatre, Bruce Mason presented, in fear and trembling, The End of the Golden Weather. Between 1959 and 1978, when illness forced his retirement from the stage, he performed it nearly 1000 times, in theatres, school halls, church halls and community ha..  More

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The Pōhutakawa Tree New

The Pōhutakawa Tree

First published in 1960, and reprinted many times, The Pōhutukawa Tree is an acclaimed classic of New Zealand theatre, and has been performed, read and studied for over 60 years.Bruce Mason is the most significant playwright in New Zealand’s theatrical history. Of his more than thirty plays several have become classics, including The Pōhutukawa Tre..  More

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The Share Club

Eight people form a neighbourhood share club hoping to make instant money. Meetings are held turn about in their homes, and tempers flare and patience wears thin as the market fluctuates. ..  More

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