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Ngamihi; or The Maori Chief's Daughter

Originally published 1895, by E. A. Howard, Printer, Publisher and Bookbinder, &c. ..  More

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Number One; or, The Way of the World

Originally published 1862, by Simpkin, Marshall & Co. ..  More

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Originally published 1935, by George Allen & Unwin Ltd ..  More

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Philiberta: A Novel

Originally published 1883, by E. W. Cole, Book Arcade ..  More

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Potona or Unknown New Zealand

Originally published 1892, by Harding, Wright, & Eyre, Printers & Publishers..  More

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Originally published 1938, by Angus & Robertson Limited..  More

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Raromi or The Maori Chief's Heir

Originally published 1888, by The Religious Tract Society..  More

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Revenge: A Love Tale of the Mount Eden Tribe

Originally published 1940, by A. H. and A. W. Reed ..  More

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Shadow of the Boyd

Part of the OneTree House Classic Tales Aotearoa e-book Collection: bringing Aotearoa classics to a new generation!Based on a true story ... This is a powerful story in which the bitter clash of two cultures is explored from the point of view of a young boy who describes the horror that led to the massacre of those on the sailing ship the Boyd. A h..  More

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Shadows on the Snow: A Christmas Story

Originally published 1866, by William Hay..  More

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Something Childish and Other Stories

Originally published 1924, by Constable & Co. Ltd. ..  More

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SS Penguin SOS

Set in New Zealand in the 20’s / 30’s , a young boy goes to live with his aunt and cousin following the death of his father. He begins work on a school history project which uncovers a family tragedy and a hero in the household. Based on the true sinking of the SS Penguin, a sometimes forgotten NZ maritime disaster, and on the real-life heroin..  More

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Taranaki: A Tale of the War

Originally published 1861, by W. C. Wilson ..  More

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Te Rou, or, The Maori at Home

Originally published 1874, by Sampson Low, Marston, Low, and Searle..  More

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The Adventures of a Surveyor in New Zealand and the Australian Gold Diggings

Originally published 1853, by David Bogue, Fleet Street,..  More

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The Adventures of George Washington Pratt

Originally published 1874, by R. T. Wheeler..  More

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The Aloe

Originally published 1974, by Howard Fertig ..  More

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The Angel Isafrel: A Story of Prohibition in New Zealand

Originally published 1896, by Upton & Co., Auckland..  More

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The Doves' Nest and Other Stories

Originally published 1923, by Constable & Company ..  More

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The Expedition of Captain Flick: A Story of Adventure

Originally published 1895, by Jarrold & Sons ..  More

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The Garden Party and Other Stories

Originally published 1922, by Constable and Co. Ltd. ..  More

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The Greenstone Door

Originally published 1914, by Whitcombe & Tombs Limited ..  More

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The Heart of the Bush

Originally published 1910, by Sands & Company..  More

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