Leaping Into Love

Leaping Into Love

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Since Mollie was little, she’s dreamed of a gorgeous frog whisking her away and loving her forever. So far, all of her lovers have left her with a broken heart. Enter Freddie, the handsome leader of the local choir. Will Freddie be able to help Mollie to move past her previous rejections and leap into love?
Leaping Into Love is an allegorical story about what it means to love and be loved, navigate romance and sexuality, and how to move from struggle to serenity.

I’ve been watching you;
such a long time it’s been;
I yearn to touch you.
Come here my precious queen.
I’ll be there when you need me, dear,
listening to the song of your heart.
Holding you close, I’ll soothe your fears,
loving you more and never apart.
When you’re upset, to you I’ll sing
sweet songs about romance.
I’ll hold your hand and love I’ll bring,
‘til you are deep in trance.

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