The Glass Harmonica

The Glass Harmonica

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Young Chjara Vallé, full of irrepressible music and sensuality, is exiled from Corsica — sold as a servant to an opium addict in Paris. Music paves the way for her to flee with Henry, her love, to New England. There the new freedoms and Puritan vigour vie for ascendancy. What will the Americans make of this throat-singing, glass harmonica-playing exotic who lives to make a virtue of pleasure?

A novel with appeal for fiction and non-fiction readers alike.


‘Bawdy, geographically vast, heroic, and sensual indeed, Dorothee Kocks's, The Glass Harmonica, perfectly combines the novelist's and the historian's skills.  It is an unforgettable saga.’ 

Sterling Watson, author of Fighting in the Shade


‘As it plumbs the erotic life of the nineteenth century, this debut novel is filled with moments of startling insight and deep wisdom. Like the luminous music her heroine calls forth from the glass harmonica, Dorothee Kocks’s language vibrates with surprise and enchantment.’

 Teresa Jordan, author of Riding the White Horse

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