D. Time

D. Time

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While on holiday with her husband in Queensland, Kathy Brooks experiences an episode of ‘time transition’. She wakes to find herself with some of her future family, ninety years ahead of her time. 
Meeting her ninety-year-old granddaughter, seen a week ago aged eight months, is disconcerting, but there is far worse to come. Kathy learns that in a few years the world will be subject to huge natural disasters and life as she knows it will change dramatically. 
Kathy wants to know what happens to New Zealand, and in particular her home area of Central Otago. New Zealand now, she is told, is the former South Island, while Pacifica, previously the North Island is now an independent country. There are other surprises too - the world has changed economically, politically and socially, but all these changes have taken years to evolve. 
Kathy knows she must try to return to her own time to save her family and prepare them for the future of chaos after the disasters. Convincing her family will not be easy, but the bigger problem will be explaining to the authorities her disappearance, four month absence and her return through unorthodox channels. Kathy will need determination, ingenuity and courage as she faces these challenges.

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