Sewing Moonlight

Sewing Moonlight

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It’s winter of 1928, and young German man Wilhelm Erdinger is left stranded in the remote New Zealand village of Falters Mill.

Wilhelm purchases a piece of land capable of providing the kind of sustainable, self-sufficient life he craves, and a shack he soon begins to call home. Though he is regarded with suspicion by many in the local community, he soon attracts  a small number of friends, each outsiders in their own way.

With a little help from the ecological theories of Steiner and the poetic inspiration of Goethe, Wilhelm survives, at times even flourishes, in a country rocked by the effects of war and the Depression. However, it is the arrival of a new  war ― coupled with the sometimes-brutal climate of Central Otago ― that threatens to destroy the utopia he has created.

 Sewing Moonlight is a tragic tale of love, loss and biodynamics in a challenging time. More than this, it is a story of one man’s journey from alienation to acceptance. Like the moon, which looms large over everything, each ending is also a new beginning.

‘Set against the backdrop of two world wars and a global depression, this is a compelling story of lives blighted by secrets and expectations, love and loss, cultural conflict and misunderstandings, yet it also celebrates the ability of the human spirit to endure and find solace within the natural world.’ ― MAXINE ALTERIO

‘A heart-warming and heart-rending tale about a man trying to escape his past.
Permeated with the philosophy of Goethe and Steiner, the narrative unspools gently and lyrically to reveal the lives of a refreshingly original, richly-imagined cast of characters.’ ― FIONA SUSSMAN

‘An utterly captivating story of determination in the face of prejudice and the struggle to escape the stranglehold of the past. Moving and compelling, with a heart as vast as a Central Otago sky.’ ― CATHERINE CHIDGEY

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