Portrait of the Artist's Wife

Portrait of the Artist's Wife

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Victoria University Press is enormously proud to publish this new edition of one of New Zealand’s favourite novels, published to critical acclaim here and in the UK and US, and winner of the Wattie Award in 1992. ‘The promise that was evident in Girls High has been splendidly fulfilled, and now it seems only a matter of time before Wellington replaces New York as the literary capital of the world.’ —Nick Hornby, Sunday Times 'She really is world class — her writing's like a richly detailed painting, she gets the details just right.' —Sharon Crosbie Evening Post 'It is a testament to Anderson's style and skill as a writer that these places and decades are brought to the page with such energy, yet also with such a finely judged mix of humour and sympathy.' —Caroline Wilder Sunday Star 'This is a moving, universal novel, a pleasure to read.' —Sophy Kershaw Time Out 'Barbara Anderson's novel is a rarity; an unadulterated, unpretentious, enjoyable read.' —Julie Morrice Glasgow Herald 'It is an enormously entertaining book with perceptions so true they leave you glowing in startled recognition.'—Patricia Thwaites Otago Daily Times ‘A quite irresistible writer with a microscopic eye for telltale detail — and a dazzlingly accurate ear for dialogue as it is really spoken.’ —Dirk Bogarde

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