Death of an Agent

Death of an Agent

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Easter 1965: the fiery start to protests against New Zealand troops in Vietnam. Ru Patterson, the country’s leading broadcaster, is organizing protests against President Johnson’s envoy Henry Cabot Lodge, in Wellington to pressure New Zealand to send troops to Vietnam. Dan Delaney is first on the scene of a young naked woman dead in a hot tub and Ru unconscious beside her. Dan interferes with evidence to protect his friend and is caught up an attempt to frame Ru and an incendiary attack that aims to destroy Parliament and the ANZUS alliance.

Crimewatch reviewer Alyson Baker concluded her review of this fourth Delaney outing: ‘There are some very thrilling moments, and the politics are fascinating — especially considering recent events in New Zealand – when we are once again realizing sections of our community are being dangerously swayed by myths of imminent threat. Another great New Zealand read.’ William Faulkner claimed to have created the first Nazi in Light in August: in Death of an Agent we may see the first depiction of a home-grown terrorist.

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