Hunters' Gold, by Wendy Rae Maloney

Hunters' Gold, by Wendy Rae Maloney (Fiction)

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HUNTERS’ GOLD is a Mainstream novel. 103,000 words.
The words on the cover — an unexpected event can have the potential to alter the future — is the key to John and Sarah Garrett’s aspirations upon their arrival to New Zealand in the 1880’s. A gift of gold sovereigns allows them to realise their dreams for themselves and for future generations on their farm, The Poplars, situated at Otekaieke near Kurow, in the Waitaki Valley. A rifle to shoot a meal, a cast-iron pot to cook rabbit stew, a covered wagon in which to sleep and a firm desire to make things work was how they began.
Enduring friendships have had the power to join families. In the current time, third generation, Mead Garrett and his late best friend, Donald Colley’s son, Jeff are thus united.
However, there are antagonists who would go to extreme lengths to destroy the ties that bind.
Physically, mentally and financially.
Lies and life-threatening attacks drives Jeff down a distressing path leaving family behind.
Mead, ill and injured, and also in despair of the family farm being destroyed by a trusted pair.
Will they be able to help each other from ruin?
Who is the woman who fled from her murderous husband in 1935? What is her connection to the Garretts? And who is the woman with the honey-blonde hair? Why did she turn up at the farm?
And Dingo from Australia, Mead’s leading hand and a truly good bloke, his “brother”, can he help against murderous foes?
Are the odds too great for Mead to hold on to the family property, or will family find a way to endure?

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