Set Yourself Free: A Kiwi's Guide to Financial Success

Set Yourself Free: A Kiwi's Guide to Financial Success

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Lindsay Hay was the commercial-industrial guy at Century 21 for twelve years, covering the Nelson-Marlborough area of New Zealand. 
Over that period, folk would chat to him about their financial investments. 
They often said things like, “Fixed interest is so disappointing! It’s taxed at source and inflation eats into the capital I’ve invested.” 
Or, “The share market is so difficult! If I’m self-managing then I’m the last to find out what’s happening to the company! And, to add insult to injury, when my managed fund loses money, the manager still gets paid!” 
Those things really irked them, but no one, no one, ever told him they regretted investing in property! 
That was a lesson Lindsay never forgot. 
With this book, he aims to pass on what he has learned, to help New Zealanders gain success in finance, and in life!
Completed during the Covid-19 pandemic, it is also aimed at Kiwis examining their life direction, or sport, after the resulting career disruption.              

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