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Apocrypha Scripta

A fictional autobiography, conceived as an 'apocrypha' of additional aspects to intellectual life, about identity & belonging. How did the ‘Sixties’ generation of peace & love & anti-materialism morph into the ‘I, me, mine’ of technology & greed as the world cries from Cloud 9, 2020 Vision & Reality of Covid-19 & the 'Existe..  More

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Livin' ina Aucklan'

First published in 1987 this collection takes 5 areas of New Zealand's largest city, Auckland, north, south, east, west and central, and features 4 or 5 poems set in each. They are poems of the street, working class and bohemian lifestyles, graffiti gangs etc, all using the physical locations as characters themselves as they were in the eventful..  More

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Magic Alex's Revenge

A novel about the way technology has taken over our lives, it looks at the deeper effects that have shaped our lives in the 20th and early 21st Centuries through the Beatles 'All You Need is Love' mantra in the 1960s and the Nazis 'All You Need is Hate' mantra of the 1930s, and how the individual fits into the larger moments and movements of his..  More

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Out of It - A novel Cricket novel

First published in 1987 this novel has acquired something of a cult status among both cricket fans and those interested in experimental prose and bohemian lifestyles. It is set in Auckland in the 1980s and is a mixture of stream of conscious internal dialogue between the main character, PSM, and himself. Externally, it follows the fortunes of th..  More

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Straight - A novel in the Irish-Maori tradition

A story set in Auckland in the early 1980s about a man returning there after being in 'Dreamland' for many years. He discovers that all the things he knew about his family and past life were not true. Questions arise: was his father an SS officer? was his mother a gun-runner for the IRA? was he the result of a bizarre experiment to produce Trege..  More

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The Irish Annals of New Zealand

A Joycean tour-de-force through the 150 years of NZ history from the Irish point of view and experience, profound and funny as with most Irish literature!!! ..  More

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Unlevel Crossings

A novel about a train trip from Auckland to Dunedin (New Zealand) which becomes a metaphor for the 'crossings' in our lives, the differences between men and women, Maori and Pakeha, rich and poor etc, and the places we cross and interweave throughout our lives. ..  More

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