Young Cook's Handbook: Lunches, Snacks & Soups

Young Cook's Handbook: Lunches, Snacks & Soups

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Be you 5 or 95 and any age in between, our wish is to have you enjoy being in the kitchen discovering the joy of food and how easy it is to be successful at creating the dish you and your family and friends love.
These recipes have been divided into suggested age groups to make the recipes easy to follow. Don’t let this limit you! If you want something quick and easy, choose a recipe from the beginning of the book. If you would like to challenge yourself or you have more time, choose a recipe towards the end! 

Have fun!

On the birth of her first granddaughter, Katherine, Lawrie undertook to create a recipe book that Katherine could use throughout her entire life. The aim was to guide Katherine into the joy of cooking by giving her recipes that built upon skills learnt, allowing her to become more creative as her confidence increased. The project grew and grew and now here we are with a collection of books!
Lawrie’s love of cooking started at a young age, when she learnt to prepare meals for her family and friends. This then transformed into competing in school cooking competitions, becoming involved in test kitchens, preparing dishes for photography shoots, and producing recipe books. She honed her skills at the Cordon Bleu school in Marylebone Lane, England, and later catered for a private school in Buckinghamshire. Lawrie has also featured weekly on local radio, with new recipes to inspire listeners. 
Philipa, Lawrie’s daughter, has her own passion for cooking, and has long assisted Lawrie, testing recipes for many different projects. When Lawrie took on this project she asked Philipa to help once again with testing, compilation and production of the cookbook.

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