Journey Under Warning, by Elsie Locke

Journey Under Warning, by Elsie Locke (Children & Young Adult)

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 Part of the OneTree House Classic Tales Aotearoa e-book Collection: bringing Aotearoa classics to a new generation!

When fifteen-year-old Gibby Banks leaves the family farm to work as a camp boy with a survey party, he doesn’t know that he is going on a ‘journey under warning’. But he is puzzled by the strange behaviour of his guide, the Scotsman Will Morrison, and even before they reach Nelson where they will board ship he senses the echoes of threat surrounding their expedition into unknown country. From the talk of the surveyors, and of whalers and missionaries at Port Underwood, he pieces together the truth: the land they are to survey, the Wairau Plain, will not be yielded lightly by the Māori who claim it. When the expedition proceeds despite the warnings of the chief, Te Rauparaha, Gibby soon finds himself caught up in a dispute which becomes dangerously explosive.

Originally published by Oxford University Press, 1983.

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