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8 Levers of Sales Growth

‘Whether you want more scale or more profit, there are eight simple levers you can pull for sales success.’ In this workbook, leading management consultant Logan Wedgwood demonstrates how to strategically enhance your sales performance by selecting the right levers to deliver results. The good news is that you need to pull only two levers at any o..  More

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Ambition: What New Zealanders think and why it matters

What does ambition mean to you? Are you ambitious? Why do you think you are this way? This book looks at ambition and what it means to be a New Zealander. It examines the way we formulate and share our dreams and plans with each other, and explores how ambition might be connected with business, our personal lives, and our national identity..  More

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Bateman New Zealand Writer's Hand-Book

First published in 1990, this highly successful handbook is now in its sixth edition. Considered by many to be the classic guide for writers, it has been revised and updated to bring it right up to the present day. Over the years, it has held an essential place on the work desks of New Zealanders who write, whether that be freelance journalism or b..  More

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Becoming an Entrepreneur

“We need to have an export trade mentality to fund a high standard of living for our citizens.  To do this we need to start to grow new enterprises utilising the capabilities of high growth entrepreneurs. This book gives excellent tips and examples of what is required to achieve this worthy goal for our fabulous country.” &..  More

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Delivering Successful Strategic Change

Chief executives and senior managers can make a significant difference to strategic change outcomes when governance and leadership is done right. However, identifying issues when change is being done wrong isn’t easy and these issues can often come as a surprise to managers. Determining where to begin when trying to get change back on track can oft..  More

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Don't Dream It's Over: Reimagining Journalism in Aotearoa

Don’t Dream It’s Over is the latest multi-author book from Freerange Press. It explores the changing nature of journalism in this country: as it once was, as it is today, and as we might imagine it working in the future. Prominent journalists, academics and commentators candidly share their views and experiences of this rapidly changing industry. T..  More

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From "Real Rape" to Real Justice

Despite significant reform over the last 30 years, little real change has resulted to the incidence of sexual violence, conviction rates for sexual offending, or the distressing impact of prosecution experienced by complainants. High penalties for sexual offending, particularly sexual violation, affect decisions by complainants in reporting offe..  More

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Future State

New Zealand’s public sector has consistently rated well internationally on a variety of measures of comparative government performance. In the 1980s New Zealand achieved a step change in public sector reform when it introduced a distinctive and widely applauded model of public management. Despite attempts at continuing improvement, however..  More

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Global Investing: a Guide for New Zealanders

From his wide-ranging practical experience as a business operator and investment analyst, John Ryder provides guidance on all aspects of investing in the global environment. ..  More

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Grow 3X: Increase your sales with certainty

‘Improving your sales performance is about doing the right things consistently. The good news is, I will show you what these things are.’Whether you are a business owner, salesperson or entrepreneur, you are in the business of selling — and this book is here to help you. Logan Wedgwood shares the lessons and strategies he has learnt at the sales co..  More

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Hook, Line and Blinkers

As his fish bins filled up on another successful raid on the Cook Strait groper fishery, economist and dedicated fisherman Gareth Morgan found himself wondering whether it could possibly be right that he should be allowed to do this. Is it still true, he wondered, that there are plenty more fish in the sea? He resolved to find out. Together ..  More

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How Communities Heal

— stories of social innovation and social change  by vivian Hutchinson and the New Zealand Social Entrepreneur Fellowship HOW COMMUNITIES HEAL tells the stories of a unique group of New Zealand social entrepreneurs, who are bringing insight, entrepreneurship and practical hope to our communities.  This book profiles t..  More

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Job Hunting 101

Job Hunting 101 - a guide for those searching for their first job or re-entering the job market. Are you looking for a job that pays, or do you want to be paid to do something that you love? Finding something that you love doing can have a profound effect on your happiness. The key to your success is to apply the key principles contained in this bo..  More

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Pressing the Right Buttons

People skills are extremely important in the business world today. To be successful at any level you need to be able to work with a variety of people, communicate with them, and keep them happy. This book provides a simple framework for analysing personality types and will show you the best ways to motivate people of these different types and ke..  More

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Really Bad Workshops (With acknowledgement to Seth Godin)

  If you’ve ever been unsure why you’re sitting in a bland stuffy room watching mind-numbing presentations and enduring bad facilitators, you’ve experiencing a Really Bad Workshop. This book is aimed at people who have been assigned the job of running a workshop. It’s purpose is to help you des..  More

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Set Yourself Free: A Kiwi's Guide to Financial Success

Lindsay Hay was the commercial-industrial guy at Century 21 for twelve years, covering the Nelson-Marlborough area of New Zealand. Over that period, folk would chat to him about their financial investments. They often said things like, “Fixed interest is so disappointing! It’s taxed at source and inflation eats into the capital I’ve inves..  More

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Simply Finance

Every business and organisation, no matter what its size, requires competent financial management. Now in its fifth edition, this highly successful book is written for those who don’t have a background in finance and accounting but who need to know how money works. Using local and international case studies, Simply Finance demystifies financial con..  More

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Take Your Space: Successful Women Share their Secrets

Never has there been a better time in history for women to come together as we learn to live, work and respond in our new world order. 'Take Your Space' is an essential resource drawn from 16 diverse and successful women who want to help you to take one step forward; a step towards success. Eight chapters, two authors, one purpose. To get you to ta..  More

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Taking Charge

Since the 1990s, individuals have been told that, "it is up to you to manage your own career". Most of us think we have managed our career, or have we? Most of us follow a 'Line of least resistance' in our career choices, and are easily fooled by the milestones along our career. Frequently self-seducing ourselves into thinking into what we believe ..  More

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The Big Kahuna: Turning Tax & Welfare in New Zealand on its head

One day, when he was contributing to the Tax and Welfare Working Group, economist Gareth Morgan made an off-the-cuff remark that the solution to all of New Zealand’s tax and welfare woes lay in abolishing the present welfare system and radically overhauling the tax system. He called this idea ‘the big kahuna’. In this book,..  More

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Trade Me: The Inside Story

Few companies have captured the hearts and minds of New Zealanders like Trade Me. Originally built by university drop-out Sam Morgan on a borrowed laptop, Trade Me was to change the face of retailing in New Zealand, destroying newspapers’ classifieds businesses and going on to become part of the vernacular as some 2.5 million Kiwis ..  More

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Wealth Plan

Are you looking to achieve financial freedom? Does the idea of investing in property sound attractive but you don’t know where to begin?  Andrew Nicol and Ed McKnight have the answers to:get you started on your investing journeystructure your investments to ensure the best returnsamass the highest yielding properties achieve a portfolio of pro..  More

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