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Lucky Legs: What I've Learned About Winning and Losing

Steve Gurney is an exceptional athlete. He has been in 19 of the epic Coast to Coast races in a row, and he has won nine of them. He has represented New Zealand twice at the World Mountain Bike champs and has spent a lot of time adventure racing in far flung jungles, caves, mountains and deserts.This is a motivational, funny, frank autobiography..  More

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Mental Health Education and Hauora

This resource supports teaching children and young people about mental health, wellbeing, resilience, and interpersonal skills.  Teachers will discover ways to enhance student learning in four broad areas:- personal identity and wellbeing- communication and relationships with others- social issues and social justice (especially against discrim..  More

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My Father's Island: A Memoir

After the death of his brilliant, eccentric father, Adam Dudding went in search of the stories and secrets of a man who had been a loving parent and husband, but was also a tormented, controlling and at times cruel man.Robin Dudding was the greatest New Zealand literary editor of his generation – friend and mentor of many of our best-known writers...  More

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My First Eighty Years

Originally published 1951, by Paul's Book Arcade..  More

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My Life: Jean Batten

Originally published 1938, by George G. Harrap & Co. Ltd. ..  More

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Ngapuhi Speaks

Ngāpuhi Speaks  - a challenge to the history we’ve received Note: the final index for this title can be downloaded here. Ngāpuhi Speaks is an independent report about He Wakaputanga o Te Rangatiratanga o Nu Tireni (1835) & Te Tiriti o Waitangi (1840), published in November, 2012.  It summarises and assesses the Ngāpuhi Nui..  More

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Not A Leg To Stand On

“Suddenly, I’ve a strong impulse to fall to the floor and kiss the therapist’s feet. I’m feeling more in control of my life and a whole lot happier. It is almost like being born again...”Think you’ve got it tough? Then read this book: an autobiography that will shock, inspire and move you to tears. Find out how Amy Hindley overcomes illiteracy and ..  More

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Notes on Early Life in New Zealand

Originally published 1903, by J. Walch..  More

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On My Own Two Feet: The Life of a Mountaineer

Norman Hardie is a New Zealand civil engineer who has lived a fascinating life. He paid his way through university by shooting deer in rugged terrain. After graduating he worked on hydro-electric projects among the mountains and, with a strong group of friends, made many first ascents on major summits in the Southern Alps.Eventually London and the ..  More

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On the Eve of Never Departing

Gregory O’Brien described Richard von Sturmer’s last published work, Suchness: Zen Poetry and Prose, as “a book of almost hallucinogenic clarity”. In his new prose collection, On the Eve of Never Departing, von Sturmer shines his clear, poetic light on a number of subjects, ranging from growing up in Auckland in the 1970’s to Zen encounters in T’an..  More

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Out of My Mind: Living with Bipolar

This is the story of one man's journey through the hell of mental illness and out the other side. ..  More

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Out of My Mind: Living with Manic-depression

This is the story of one man's journey through the hell of mental illness and out the other side. ..  More

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Peter Smith: His life and legacy in art and education

Peter Smith was one of the most influential art educators in New Zealand. During his 50 year career as a well-loved teacher, role model, mentor, and leader in educational policy he elevated the status and value of New Zealand art education to both national and international acclaim. He helped develop and draft the country’s first natio..  More

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Phone Home Berlin

Nigel Cox (1951-2006) was one of New Zealand's major writers. His six novels opened up a space in New Zealand literature that hadn't existed before, a space in which a recognisable New Zealand reality is illuminated by a mythic dimension drawn from twentieth-century popular culture. The essays and other writing collected in this book pro..  More

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Porters in My Past

The true story of three brothers who arrive in NZ in the 1850's and face the challenge of life in a new land. One becomes a surveyor, one a Mayor and one a farmer after whom Porters Pass is named...  More

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Recovery from Bipolar: One Woman's Story

Mental illness is not just in your head: your body can cause it too. The author writes of her experience of depression and mental illness disclosing her own dysfunctional life and then freedom from it through New Zealand mental health medications, chiropractic treatment, self awareness, self love, and moving on from negative environments. ..  More

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Reform: A Memoir

Reform has been a recurring theme throughout Geoffrey Palmer’s life, not only during his career in politics as an MP, Deputy Prime Minister and Prime Minister but also as a law professor and law practitioner. In this memoir, Geoffrey Palmer recounts the events and forces that shaped him as well as his many adventures in reforming a wid..  More

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Retirement in a Tent: From Dream to Reality

Everyone has a personal and individual Dream which involves their own interests, what they are looking for, and what they might find. Faye dreamed of freedom. Freedom to follow her own agenda. Freedom to fulfil her wanderlust within the limits of a fixed income. Freedom from other people’s expectations. What is your Dream? Is it your Reality? ..  More

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Return to Zion

The remarkable story of a Jewish family's journey through several generations from Czarist Russia to Israel via New Zealand. ..  More

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Ride: Peace ... through Connection with Self – Spirit – Nature

Easy to read and thought-provoking, Ride reveals how conscious connection to self, spirit and nature creates peace in anyone’s life, anytime.Ride will take you through emotion, different realms and societal barriers.As a taboo subject, there was no real support for people like her. So she ventured where most won’t dare; deep within, to be still and..  More

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Ripiro Beach: A memoir of life after near death

Does DNA write our destinies? Or do the hands that nurture triumph over nature? What is it that determines who we really are?Caroline Barron’s father never found his birth mother. After he dies suddenly on her twentieth birthday, Caroline develops an insidious fear of her own untimely death. When she nearly bleeds out on an operating table during c..  More

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Searching for Grace

This family memoir describes a woman's search for her birth mother. Despite all Heather's efforts while growing up, the truth was denied.  Searching for Grace combines Heather's vivid and often amusing memories of childhood in 1920s London with the story of two young people whose love is threatened by lies and hypocrisy - th..  More

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Shimmersea: A Memoir

Mary Woodward’s autobiography is both familiar and remarkable. Many New Zealanders will have similar memories of childhood holidays and wild adventures at the beach – in her case on the West Coast of Auckland. As a cash-strapped student recruited by the local Lions Club and lured by prize money of two hundred pounds, she ended up becoming Miss New ..  More

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Shirley Smith: An Examined Life

Shirley Smith was one of the most remarkable New Zealanders of the 20th century, a woman whose lifelong commitment to social justice, legal reform, gender equality and community service left a profound legacy.She was born in Wellington in 1916. While her childhood was clouded by loss – her mother died when she was three months old and her beloved f..  More

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