Away… For God’s Sake, by Kathleen Byrne

Away… For God’s Sake, by Kathleen Byrne (Biography)

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Born into an Irish Catholic family, Kathleen entered a religious order in France when she was 17 years old. Working and living in the prison of La Roquette, she was thrown into the Parisian underworld of crime, drugs and prostitution. Without any training and very little knowledge of the language, she struggled with homesickness, despair and loneliness. She found consolation in her faith and in knowing that she was doing God’s will.
But was this enough to sustain her mental and physical strength? How did this experience affect her future? Years of living with low self-esteem, fear of God and authority, together with doubts in faith and religion took its toll. However, hoping and praying for better things to come, love found a way.

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