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'An Englishman, an Irishman and a Welshman Walk into a Pā'

Congratulations to Tina Makereti on being awarded a residency at the Weltkulturen Museum, Frankfurt. To celebrate, here is a free download of Tina’s wonderful essay in Sport 40, 'An Englishman, an Irishman and a Welshman Walk into a Pā', which explores her mixed heritage, in particular three white ancestors from the nineteenth cent..  More

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A Backpack, A Chair and A Beard

A paraplegic since the age of four, Eamon found ways to give his wheelchair wings. He became the number one seed in the Kiwi men’s wheelchair tennis rankings, and represented his country on the men’s wheelchair basketball team, travelling the world. But that was in a safe, predictable team setting. He wanted more.At twenty-eight, he set off on an e..  More

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A First Year in Canterbury Settlement With Other Early Essays

Originally published 1914, by A. C. Fifield..  More

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A Happy Feat

‘There was a ship’, quoth he... The ship was the ice-capable vessel, the Spirit of Enderby, and aboard were Gareth Morgan and 50 others, bound on a 30-day sea voyage to Our Far South – through the Southern Ocean, via the subantarctic islands and all the way down to Scott Base in Antarctica. With some of New Zealand’s ..  More

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A Long Slow Affair of the Heart

I'd throw in my job, do something so different, so bold, that it would change our lives; throw the cards in the air and the heck where they landed. Craving adventure, Bruce Ansley goes in search of happiness on the French canals. He and his wife Sally buy a canal boat, the River Queen, in Holland and sail it through Belgium to France. They t..  More

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A Pity it's not for Sissies

Ageing stalks us, mischievously skirting the shadows before jumping out shouting “surprise!”   This book represents an exploration of that experience.  It is written as a conversation between reader and writer.  Humorous autobiographical anecdotes link the ‘real’ with the ‘old’ person and are interleaved with commentary on physical c..  More

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A St. John’s College Scholarship Boy

A St. John’s College Scholarship Boy is the autobiography of a doctor who briefly lived and worked in the gold-mining towns of the Witwatersrand from 1931–33 and then, for 27 years, on two Copperbelt mining towns in Northern Rhodesia from 1933–61.He writes about his work as a doctor in the time before antibiotics and with only a few vaccinations av..  More

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All Who Live on Islands

All Who Live on Islands introduces a bold new voice in New Zealand literature. In these intimate and entertaining essays, Rose Lu takes us through personal history – a shopping trip with her Shanghai-born grandparents, her career in the Wellington tech industry, an epic hike through the Himalayas – to explore friendship, the weight of stories told ..  More

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Anderton: His Life and Times

Jim Anderton, the Labour rebel who founded a new political movement and became deputy prime minister, is the subject of this compelling, warts-and-all biography by award-winning historian David Grant.From his position as the Party’s most outspoken president, Jim Anderton became a backbencher in David Lange’s Labour Government when it was elected in..  More

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Are All Those Kids Yours?

Fostering, Adoption, Teenagers ... a memoir“Marry if you must,” warned Jonquil’s mother. “But for God’s sake don’t have kids. You’ll rue the day they become teenagers.”When the Grahams were ‘given’ a child on their honeymoon, they decided to foster, and then, in rapid succession, to adopt nine children of their own, including two sets of twins from..  More

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A well-known writer, activist, and disability rights advocate, Henrietta Bollinger’s debut essay collection speaks to their experiences as a queer, disabled person, and as a twin. Articulations is a timely, personal, and poignant appraisal of life in Aotearoa New Zealand. Soundtracked by the Topp Twins, Anika Moa, Woody Guthrie and more, Bollinger’..  More

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Away… For God’s Sake

Born into an Irish Catholic family, Kathleen entered a religious order in France when she was 17 years old. Working and living in the prison of La Roquette, she was thrown into the Parisian underworld of crime, drugs and prostitution. Without any training and very little knowledge of the language, she struggled with homesickness, despair and loneli..  More

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Betty Gilderdale: My Life in Two Halves

Betty Gilderdale’s story is as diverse as it is long. She is one of our foremost writers and researchers in the world of children’s literature and has been influential in the New Zealand literary scene for many years, yet she was born and brought up in London. She tells her story in two parts: the early years in England — childhood, living through ..  More

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Beyond the Himalayas: with The Yoga of the Christ

These two books cover the author’s travels and experiences in Tibet, over a seven month period, between 1936-7. He writes of his instruction in the spiritual, mystical and healing arts under the tutelage of his teacher Geshi Rimpoche and various other Tibetan Masters. Both out of print for over 40 years until republished in 2006. Now for the first ..  More

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Bird on a Wire

No woman has ever risen as far in the corporate world as former Telecom CEO Theresa Gattung. Her appointment, at such a young age astounded the country, and her leadership of the big telco that Kiwis love to hate was never far from the headlines. This no-holds-barred memoir tells of her ambition, her determination, and her rise to busines..  More

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Blake: Leader

New Zealand lost one of its favourite sons when Sir Peter Blake was shot and killed in the Amazon in late 2001. Blake had become a icon after leading New Zealand to victory in the 1995 and 2000 America's Cups, following earlier successes in the Whitbread Round the World Race and Jules Verne Challenge. His accomplishments demonstrate his skil..  More

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Blood and Bone: Revelations of an Orthopaedic Surgeon

Russell Tregonning finished his fifty-year career in medicine as one of New Zealand’s leading orthopaedic surgeons and as a Senior Clinical Lecturer at the Otago School of Medicine.This memoir takes the reader through his journey from medical student to orthopaedic surgeon – from introducing pioneering techniques in reconstructive surgery, to perso..  More

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Budapest Girl: An Immigrant Confronts the Past

"I love the writing: the honesty of it, the search that is always there, the courage to face hard truths and at the same time imagine others’ lives with compassion." Elizabeth Smither"A Hungarian exile of 1956 with a gift for poetry reflects on a Budapest childhood during World War Two. A complex family spanning the spectrum of Jews, peasants and u..  More

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Call Me Brother: The Story of a New Zealand Doctor in Bangladesh

What happens when one person refuses to tolerate injustice and gives everything they have to see it right? Edric Baker was driven by the idea that healthcare should be available for every person, rich or poor. In wartime Vietnam, he performed complex surgery on a patient, only to see him return and die from dysentery, a disease of poverty. Bak..  More

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Castaway on the Auckland Isles

Originally published 1866, by Lockwood and Co.Thomas Musgrave's account of the wreck of the Grafton.On November 12, 1863 the Grafton left Australia. On the 18th they met with foul weather that threw them off course, but nevertheless they arrived at Campbell Island dropping anchor on December 2nd. They found no tin on the island and so Musgrave deci..  More

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Changing the Spots of the Leopard

These stories are anecdotes of personal, first-hand experiences of conservation and development practices and initiatives in east, central and southern Africa over a period of the last seventy years. There are humorous incidents, often at the author’s expense. They are a tragi-comedy since there are serious implications for the management of natura..  More

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Cockney Kid: the making of an unconventional psychologist

The biography of a gutter snipe in the East End of London,  who joined the Royal Navy, saw service abroad in minesweepers, became a probation officer, prison psychologist, a professor of clinical psychology and a disaster trauma specialist. Share the delights of his passage, and compare them with your own. ..  More

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Constance Barnicoat: A Cool Head and a Sharp Pen

Constance Barnicoat (1872-1922) was sassy, strong, opinionated, brave, meticulous, and very intelligent. With a story begging to be told she should be celebrated as a leading journalist of her time, but she is unknown to most people - until now.While she was born and brought up in New Zealand, Constance Barnicoat wrote for publications around the w..  More

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Dark Forest Deep Sea

After his first hunting experience in New Zealand as a young man, Richard Hall has been drawn back again and again, wanting to relive the feeling only this country’s wilderness can give him. Dark Forest Deep Sea goes beyond recollections of one man’s hunting trips. It delves into the emotions and sensations at the heart of the experience, and the r..  More

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