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Fully Committed: The Ben Sigmund Story

Fully Committed is the story of Wellington Phoenix and All Whites footballer Ben Sigmund. It's not a normal autobiography — it's a story of sport, life and never giving up...  More

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Heroes & Sparrows: A Celebration of Running

First published in 1986, 'Heroes & Sparrows' has been hailed by the worldwide running community as a major contribution to the understanding and appreciation of the sport. It has been called one of the best running books of all time. This 25th anniversary edition includes introductory essays to each section, where Roger Robinson rel..  More

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On My Own Two Feet: The Life of a Mountaineer

Norman Hardie is a New Zealand civil engineer who has lived a fascinating life. He paid his way through university by shooting deer in rugged terrain. After graduating he worked on hydro-electric projects among the mountains and, with a strong group of friends, made many first ascents on major summits in the Southern Alps.Eventually London and the ..  More

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The Contest for Rugby Supremacy

For most rugby followers, the 1905 All Black tour of Britain has assumed legendary proportions. By its end, this unheralded team had taken the traditional rugby strongholds by storm, dazzled with their athleticism and innovative style, accumulated a string of huge victories, claimed a moral ‘draw’ with Wales, and put their young colony firmly on th..  More

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