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As Others See Us: Historic Dunedin Through Visitors' Eyes

A history of Dunedin through annotated extracts from the published writings of visitors to the city since 1826. ..  More

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New Zealand's Legendary Lost Ruby Mine

A book on the history of a ruby mine said to have been discovered in South-West New Zealand in the 1890s, and the subsequent searches for its location. ..  More

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The Steepest Street in the World: Baldwin Street, Dunedin, NZ

While Dunedin's Baldwin Street is now recognised as the steepest street in the world, for much of its existence such recognition went elsewhere. The Guinness Book of Records used to regularly list Filbert Street and 22nd Street in San Francisco as the world's steepest streets, each with a maximum gradient over a short section of 1 in 3.17. That is,..  More

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Vauxhall Gardens: Dunedin's Notorious Victorian Pleasure Gardens

Vauxhall Gardens was Dunedin's pride and shame. Built on wealth from the 1860s Otago goldrush, Henry Farley's pleasure gardens attracted gold miners and townsfolk in their thousands. But its reputation for quality entertainment was tarnished by allegations of prostitution and debauchery. ..  More

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