The Power and the Peril of Oil, by Firooz Eftekhar Zadeh

The Power and the Peril of Oil, by Firooz Eftekhar Zadeh (Social Policy)

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The Power and the Peril of Oil is a passionately written account about how oil has given strength and empowered some countries while it has imperiled others. It documents the history, politics, and players in the quest for dominance of the Middle East and its highly prized resource. Oil has been the criteria for choosing allies or enemies for the U.S. disregarding the hidden consequences. It is an eye opening, captivating read, full of scintillating documents, maps, images, and facts, peppered with straightforward information about the history of Iran’s nuclear program. Written from the author’s firsthand experiences, personal knowledge, and research, The Power and the Peril of Oil provides information on the major players and moneymakers in oil, the influence of Islam, the complexity of the Middle East, and Iran’s geopolitical importance today for control of oil.

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