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Homological Composition: A Philosophical Perspective

What do quantum physics, cosmology, biology and psychology have in common? They are all driven by information. This book suggests that philosophy is stuck in linear thinking. It questions the assumptions that underlie its very foundation and, in light of emergence and complexity theory, suggests that we might get to an understanding of li..  More

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In the Real World

When trying to make sense of real world issues like war and human rights, two teenagers discover the roots of these problems when they find themselves in conflict with their school about obedience and uniforms. The book tackles themes concerning the rights of individuals and takes a strong stance against war. It starts on Anzac Day, but the ..  More

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Like so many kids today, Kaie and his siblings are diagnosed with syndromes like ADD and Aspergers. But Kaie's parents are not prepared to let their kids become dependent on medications, so they come up with a solution: They will emigrate to Lohland. When Kaie learns that this means giving up, not only his home and school, but also his calen..  More

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Of a Note in a Cosmic Song, Part Five: Kelot

Aryan finds the new village peaceful and luxurious and he looks forward to building a kabin to explore the oceans of Kun DJar with, but his plans and all their lives are at risk when Benjamar announces that he will hand over power to an elected council. Suddenly everybody is ready to take the law into their own hands and the dangerous red fog de..  More

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Of a Note in a Cosmic Song, Part Four: Treyak

An expedition leaves for the other side of the continent in search of a good place to start a second settlement. On the way they are enchanted by the diversity of Kun DJar’s flora and fauna, much of which seems to have a mind of its own. The colonists are slowly learning to accept that they are alien guests on this planet and that they had best ..  More

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Of a Note in a Cosmic Song, Part One: DJar (second edition)

The planet DJar is overpopulated. The central government has a solution: start a colony on the only other inhabitable planet within reach. But for all their technology, do they have the means to create a thriving, peaceful society? Who gets to decide who stays and who goes? Does Daili have the right to decide for her children? Will convi..  More

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Of a Note in a Cosmic Song, Part Three: Kun DJar

It sounded easy, to return to 'the simple life', learn old trades and live in a town run on windmills and hydro-electric power.  But when their new planet turns out to have no natural resources - no wood to build houses or fires, no river strong enough to run the turbines - and the storms are bigger, the winters four times longer than a..  More

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Of a Note in a Cosmic Song, Part Two: SJilai

 SJilai, meaning destiny, is the spacekabin that will carry the colonists from DJar to their new home planet. It's a luxurious transport, the fastest ship the Bijari have ever built – designed as an inverted planet with 'real' daylight, artificial plants to produce their food, and three miniature cities on the inner shell of the massive..  More

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Soup and Bread

For Vonnie, dinnertime means Mum complaining that she's picky, and school means PE (ugh!) and bullies - but she's learned to ignore them. But now Mum's threatening to make soup and bread for every meal - forever - and Frank, the new kid, is picking fights, and Vonnie can't ignore them. But she can't do anything... right? She's just a kid..  More

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Sprung from the Heart

A free not-for-profit anthology of poetry that shares the emotions of people struggling with problems such as bullying, eating disorders, anxiety, guilt and fear — emotions that are too often dismissed. It is a message from the heart. ..  More

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The Happiness Inquisition

One night a child is admitted to the hospital, the victim of abuse.  But who made the anonymous phone call that caused the series of events that led to this tragedy? And why did they do it?  ..  More

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The Music of Life: Concerto for Mankind

Every person is born with a set of natural talents – their inner composition. Knowing this composition explains why they think, feel, sense, believe, act and live the way they do. Ignoring your natural talents can make life difficult and frustrating; living in harmony with your inner composition makes success and happiness easy to achieve. Using..  More

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The Music of Life: Musical Complement

Are you looking for your perfect match? Are you trying to get in touch with yourself? Do you wonder who your friends are? Whether you are looking for a long-term relationship or for a friend or companion, the right person (your complement) will have certain traits you admire and you will have some they do. This guide helps you figure out what th..  More

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The Music of Life: Nursery Rhymes

Do you really favour one child? The answer to that question can be Yes and NO Yes, because just like personality clashes, you can have natural accords. No, because a natural accord is not favouritism.   Many parents and teachers worry that they favour one of their children and most feel guilty about it. But hav..  More

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The Music of Life: Sentimental Journey

Have you had times when you blamed your troubles on your upbringing? Do people tell you you are just like your parents? If you understand the motivations of your parents, teachers or caregivers, it may be easier to accept the way they went about raising or teaching you. It may help dissolve that lingering resentment or those recurring irrita..  More

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The Music of Life: Whistle While You Work

Am I in the right job? Do I enjoy going to work? How do I know what job will suit me? Most people spend a big part of their adult lives working at a job to make a living, so it’s important that they aren’t miserable being at work or dread going in. People who enjoy their work are happier people overall, yet so many of us look for jobs for their ..  More

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