The Music of Life: Concerto for Mankind, by Nonen Titi

The Music of Life: Concerto for Mankind, by Nonen Titi (Health)

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Every person is born with a set of natural talents – their inner composition. Knowing this composition explains why they think, feel, sense, believe, act and live the way they do. Ignoring your natural talents can make life difficult and frustrating; living in harmony with your inner composition makes success and happiness easy to achieve. Using a musical analogy, this book explains, based on the theories of Carl Jung, Myers-Briggs and David Keirsey, the ‘why’ of our inborn differences (compositions) and how they account for all our human conflicts: Why some people feel “not good enough”, in need of therapy, or judged, and why arguments happen between family members and friends despite the best of intentions.

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Tags: Health, Wellbeing