Free Ebook: The World is Yours by G.B. Lancaster

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I’m not one for romance novels, as a rule. When I become engrossed by them, it’s usually for reasons beyond the love story, and that was definitely the case with this. I suspect that if you do like romance as a genre, you’ll thoroughly enjoy this book, but for me it was about so much more than that. If I’m honest, I didn’t expect to find it as engrossing as I did. And yet, I found myself fascinated by the characters and the sheer power of the setting.

Kirk Regard and Tamson MacDonald are fairly typical star-crossed lovers. It is obvious from the start that they are fated to have lives that constantly cross each other’s paths, and that they will keep being thrown back together. But every time it looks like they may finally end up together, something happens to push them apart again.

It would be clichéd, except that they are both complex, interesting characters who make a lot of excruciatingly bad decisions for good reasons. The cast of other characters is also fascinating – every character seems to have a rich inner life. The pages of this novel are populated by oddball people about whom I found myself consistently wanting to know more. And all of this happens against the backdrop of the Yukon which is almost a character in its own right. There is a wildness to the story that seems to take its flavour from the environment against which it is set. Tamsin’s spiritual connection with the land is a driving force both to the plot and to the development of her character. I’ve never been to the Yukon, but this book made me feel like I knew what it tastes like.

I had never heard of G.L. Lancaster before I read this, so I did some research after I’d finished the book. Her real name was Edith Joan Lyttleton, and she’s a fascinating person in her own right. She was born in Tasmania, and grew up on a sheep farm in Canterbury, New Zealand. As an adult she travelled extensively. There seems to be a lot of the real life Edith in Tamsin – she was an adventurer, she seems never to have been entirely happy standing still, and she was writing books about the frontiers of society at a time when such books were seldom written by women. She never married, and spent much her life wandering the world, working with soldier support groups through both World Wars, and still finding time to write prolifically.

The World is Yours” was not her most well known work – the honour goes to “Pageant” – but it is an engaging, intoxicating book about impossible love, the wilds of the Yukon, and the strange and interesting people who lived in them. Well worth a read! 


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