Shaking 1960, by David McGill

Shaking 1960, by David McGill (Fiction)

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Steve Marr launches 1960 illegally up the Eastbourne Mardi Gras pole, police waiting below. His year fast-tracks into the student protest ‘No Maoris, No Tour’ gatherings and the all-white All Black trials. He and an anarchist prankster raid the visiting American nuclear submarine and the statue symbolising the British Empire and join in the Hastings Blossom Festival Riot. His appetite for sex, beer and rock ’n’ roll swings from Eastbourne National Party to hippie star-gazer to left-wing lifestylers, sliding to backstreet abortion, the nascent drug culture and violent death. Never far away is an ex-cop minder with another agenda. Steve is at the shook-up start of the revolutionary sixties, shedding — for better and for worse — religious constraints and the cocoon of the welfare state.


Advance comments on this book:

‘An entertaining, rollicking, visceral read for those who remember — and would rather forget — and those who are coming of age.’

Linda Niccol, award-winning screen and short fiction writer, and more recently, short film director.

‘An existential blast from our pop culture past.’

Redmer Yska, author of All Shook Up: The Flash Bodgie and the Rise of the New Zealand Teenager in the Fifties and a new history of Truth newspaper.

‘They say if you remember the sixties you weren’t there.

Well, McGill was, and he remembers it all—the names,

the places, the events. Nostalgia has rarely been so entertaining.’

Roger Hall

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