Phin, by Don E. McGregor

Phin, by Don E. McGregor (Fiction)

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An amusing, at times hilarious novel.
How to effortlessly succeed when you don’t particularly want to. Phin, a practical, ugly redhead, technophobe, (no TV or even a phone!) bizarrely becomes an advertising manager in a hi-tech computer firm. he has commonsense by the truck full, so doesn’t quite fit into the US corporate scene.
Phin looks after a wayward neighbor’s three kids: as usual in a sensible, down to earth way. He is perfectly happy with his world as it is and the more people try to quash him, the more he achieves, infuriating everyone along the way.
Claire Coates, clever, multilingual Miss Universe, staggers into his world. Could love possibly blossom between these two?
Oh yeah, I nearly forgot, he single-handedly causes the dotcom crash. (Bastard!!)
A feel good, Walter Mittyish, pre 9/11 yarn, with a surprising twist in it’s tail.

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