What Love is This?, by Mary Welham

What Love is This?, by Mary Welham (Biography & Memoir)

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Foreword by Brian Jenkins:

When Mary became a follower of Jesus in 1974 at the age of 44 years, she gave Him her all.  No half measures.  That’s not Mary’s style.  She put everything into her new life in Christ.  She was as open and honest with Him, and herself, as she could possibly be.

While she embraced the teachings of Christianity, she wanted more.  She deeply desired to get to know the Teacher.  Like any follower of Jesus she had to learn how to relate to Him, and how He relates to us.  Her book tells of her journey – her journey to Him, and with Him, as He became her guide and companion through life.

Over the years Mary has applied to her everyday life the great truths of the Christian faith as Jesus has shown them to her, through the circumstances of her life, through His living Word – the Bible, and through her life in the Spirit.

Down to earth, yet deeply spiritual, Mary’s story, later Mary herself,  is testimony to what can happen when  we allow God’s great love to touch our lives.  No wonder she was so acceptable and effective on Parish Missions with Church Army.  She has a great ability to relate to ordinary people and to relate them to God.

I believe her book is a spiritual classic, her story a help and encouragement to others who put their “hand in the hand of the Man from Galilee”.

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